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U.S. Senate hopeful addresses Democratic Women
Thurmond joined by legislative candidate
Joseph Mann spoke during the meeting. Mann is running against Republican Steve Gooch for the District 51 state Senate seat. - photo by Jennifer Sami

A special guest restored energy to the Democratic Women of Forsyth County during its meeting Thursday.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Johnny Isakson, told party members about the importance of voting.

“This election will be determined simply by voter turnout,” he said. “Republicans are basing their entire strategy on us not going to the polls. But they are wrong. Democrats are voting ... and we’re going to win.”

Thurmond is serving his third term as labor commissioner. He previously served three terms as a Clarke County representative in the state legislature.

Thurmond touched on his Work First program, which helped welfare-dependent Georgians move into the work force.

“I thought it was a very informative [program] that people needed to know that his priority is getting the economy straight and that means getting people back to work and not sending jobs overseas,” said Sharon Gunter, member.

Thurmond also touched on criticism of the presidential administration, saying “the opposition wants this race to be about fear, anxiety and amnesia.”

He said complaints the president hasn’t solved the nation’s economic problems in 21 months are coming from critics who forgot “when President George Bush turned the keys over to President Barack Obama, we had a $9 trillion deficit and the economy was in complete collapse.”

“When [President Bill Clinton] left the White House, he handed over a $3 trillion surplus,” he said.

Thurmond encouraged Democrats to get their friends involved in the Nov. 2 election, and praised them for being active in a Republican-majority county.

“I’ve got a story to tell when I go back through the rest of the state. The Democratic Party is alive and well in Forsyth County,” he said. “Tonight is a confirmation that we’re going to win.

“I’m so proud of Forsyth County. I tell you what I’m going to do: when I stand up to do my victory speech, I’m going to give a shout out to the Democrats in Forsyth County.”

Joseph Mann also spoke during the meeting. Mann is running against Republican Steve Gooch for the District 51 state Senate seat, which Sen. Chip Pearson is relinquishing.

Mann, a businessman from Mineral Bluff, noted the district includes just two precincts in the county, but said he would work to represent everyone.

“We may only have a little bit of Forsyth County, but we have a big chance at being the only voice Forsyth County is going to have as far as Democrats go in the state Senate,” he said. “I promise I will speak for you all.”