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Voters send Amerson back to Atlanta
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Forsyth County News

Amos Amerson is headed for a fifth term.

The incumbent state representative in District 9 received nearly 63 percent of the vote, fending off a challenge from Steve Gooch.

"I never really believed that I would not win," said Amerson, a Dahlonega Republican. "It was just about by how much, and I was very surprised. The count was close to about 63 percent to 37 percent... that's a pretty hefty margin."

Gooch, chairman of the Lumpkin County commission, was a favorite among fellow commissioners, members of city councils in the area and business leaders, as evidenced by those who contributed to his campaign.

But in the end, Amerson, who had the support of nearly 45 fellow state representatives, was victorious in retaining his seat in District 9, which includes parts of Forsyth, Dawson and Lumpkin counties.

"I do appreciate the honor that's been bestowed on me by the people of these three counties in re-electing me," he said. "And by re-electing me by this margin means I might be doing something right."

Amerson said his campaign, which was largely run on property tax relief, was among the reasons he garnered more support.

Gooch said he hopes Amerson "can deliver those tax cuts."

"His message got out and ours didn't," Gooch said. "It's always hard to challenge an incumbent. Across the state, every incumbent but one won their races and that's how it played out here. I think low voter turnout also played a part.

"I really appreciate all the great support I received in Dawson and Forsyth counties," Gooch said. "I met a lot of great folks I never would have had an opportunity to meet. I congratulate him on a good race."