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Week raises awareness of poisons
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Other helpful reminders:

• Know the names of all the plants in a home

• Never use an oven or gas stove to heat a home

• Install at least one carbon monoxide detector near the sleeping areas in a home.

• Do not go near, tease or play with wild animals or strange dogs and cats

• Do not pick up or move a sick or hurt wild animal

• Keep the phone number to the Georgia Poison Center handy

In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, which begins today and ends Saturday, the Forsyth County Fire Department has issued a few tips.

According to the Georgia Poison Center, more than 2 million poisonings are reported annually to poison centers nationwide.

In 2011, the center handled more than 77,000 poison exposure calls.

As a precaution, Forsyth County residents are urged to store medicines, vitamins and household cleaners in locked cabinets out of the reach and sight of children. The same goes for cosmetics, lawn and automotive products.

The use of child resistant packaging is encouraged, replacing the lids tightly.

Residents should never take prescription medicine that belongs to someone else, even if they have the same symptoms. Just as importantly, never refer to medicine as “candy.”

Authorities also encourage residents to read labels and follow the directions on all medicine and household product containers, and do not mix cleaning products.

Also, children should be taught never to taste anything without an adult’s permission.

Anyone who suspects a poisoning, has any poison related questions or needs poison prevention information and materials, can call the poison center at (800) 222-1222.