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Woman wins car in contest
Watson: ‘I had a little feeling I was going to be blessed’
Car winner awarded prize
Regina Watson, center, poses with Paul Nicholas, left, and Chuck Mjolsness, right, in front of the car she won. - photo by Jim Dean

When she got the call from Friendly Auto Gallery in Cumming saying she had won a car, Regina Watson couldn’t believe it.

“I saw their number come up on my phone, and I answered and said, ‘don’t you dare tell me that I won that car,’” Watson said at the event held Wednesday. “Then I started crying and yelling ‘I won, I won.’”

Watson almost didn’t even enter to win the used 2002 Honda Accord, but a day before the drawing she drove past the dealer lot on Canton Road and got a feeling that she needed to throw her name in the mix. 

“I saw it again when I drove past … and thought ‘when I get done I’m gonna stop and register. Because I probably won’t win it, but I can’t win it if I don’t try,’” she said.

Watson said that she doesn’t consider herself a lucky person, and she isn’t one to win prizes, but that she does have a touch of extrasensory perception.

Winning Ticket
Regina Watson holds up the winning ticket as she sits in the car she won at Friendly Auto Sales. - photo by Jim Dean
“I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I had a little feeling I was going to be blessed,” Watson said.

At the giveaway held Wednesday, a smile never left Watson’s face as she posed for photographs and was shown the different controls for her new car. 

“This couldn’t happen to a better person,” chuckled Chuck Mjolsness, manager of Friendly Auto Gallery, as he watched Watson explore her prize inside and out. “It’s great when you try to make a difference like this when the person actually needs it, and they did. They needed a car.”

Mjolsness said it’s the second time Friendly Auto Gallery has given away a car this year and that each time it has gone to a family who needed it.

“It’s a great way to make a difference in someone’s life. I tell you when we called Regina and said, ‘you won’. You can’t describe how happy she was. It was indescribable.” Mjolsness said.

Mjolsness said that both of the car raffles were sponsored by Vehicle DNA, a Roswell-based company that tests a vehicle’s oil and transmission fluid, looking for warning signs of future failure. He said that he uses Vehicle DNA on his cars because it helps them determine if they should sell the car or not. 

“It helps the customer and it helps us. We want to sell good cars and we want customers to feel comfortable.” he said.

“This is a relationship business. I don’t want to sell just one car to a family; I want to sell multiple cars to mom, dad, kids. And we want everyone to know that you can count on us to take care of you.”

Friendly Auto Gallery Owner Paul Nicholas, says that in his 15 years in the auto industry and two years owning Friendly Auto Gallery, he has seen business do it the right way and the wrong way.  

“It’s out there that we are trying to business right, and trying to take care of the community,” he said.