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Work and stay active: Tips to stay healthy even when sitting at a desk all day
stay healthy

I’m sure this is not the first time you are seeing an article in a magazine that draws you in with a headline like “Sitting is killing you!” or “Sitting is the new smoking!”

What do you do when you have to work at a computer and read headlines that your desk job is killing you?

One option is a stand-up desk. You can find a good option from $300 to $500 dollars.

If that isn’t in your budget right now, but you want to do some things to improve your health while working, then we have a few helpful tips from local trainer Tori Smith.

Quit rounding your back 

• Eight hours at a desk working is bad in a lot of ways for your body but one of the number one ways you can improve your health now and in the future is by fixing your posture.

• Slap a note on your monitor that says “Shoulders Back!” so you have a constant reminder throughout your day.

The hips don’t lie

• Sitting all day shortens the range of motion in your hip muscles. You use your hips to move in and out of everywhere you go. Sitting also hinders circulation and digestion.

• Every hour, do 10 squats, use your chair for support and at the end of an eight-hour day you’ve done 80 body weight squats.

Push up time

• An easy way to get in a little upper body movement is to do 10 desk pushups every hour.

• You get an upper body work out plus you lengthen your hips and improve circulation.

• 10 pushups every hour will give you about 80 by the end of the day.

Things you can do whenever you are away from your house

• Wherever you go, whether driving to the office or running errands, park further from your destination so you get in those steps.

• Avoid the elevators and escalators and take those stairs!