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Work begins to remove abandoned houseboat
Eyesore along the lake's shore 'notorious'
Boat WEB 1
Harold Rodgers, left, and Paul Hollers work to remove an abandoned houseboat on Lake Lanier. The boat has been stuck on the shoreline near Lantern Lane in northeastern Forsyth for about eight years. - photo by Autumn Vetter
A bitter divorce, insurance settlement scam, drug dealers — there’s no end to the rumors of how a houseboat became abandoned between two coves on Lake Lanier.But after about eight years, a series of events and two enterprising Forsyth County residents, it appears the rotting vessel will finally be removed — piece by piece — from the lake. “That boat is notorious,” said Kevin Smith, community outreach specialist with Keep Forsyth County Beautiful. “There are a lot of different stories that go along with it, but it’s been an eyesore for years.“Being that we do anywhere between five and 10 shore cleanups a year, we’ve known about it.