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Do It Yourself: Modern twist on a holiday classic

Hanging from doors and windows across the nation, wreaths are a holiday classic. While many choose the traditional pine wreath, here’s a modern twist on the holiday tradition that will add some sparkle to any residence.

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Time: 1 hour, 30 min

Cost: Under $30


1 container of 100 shatter-proof, 

various-sized tree ornaments

1 package of aluminum wire

1 bouquet of holiday flowers, 

such as poinsettias

Glue gun and extra glue

1. Gather materials together, and unwind the wire to make as large or small a circle as you’d like your wreath to be. 

- photo by Isabel Hughes

Cut at the top. 

2. Start stringing the ornaments. It’s good to have some sort of idea how you’d like them to look. If you string all large, white ornaments together and then switch to another color, the wreath might look blocky and less abstract. 

3. Once all your ornaments are on, secure the two ends of the wire together and start weaving in the flower stems. Glue as needed to make them stay as you please and arrange in any order.