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FOXERS makes upscale women's underwear that is both stylish and comfortable
April Spring, CEO and founder of FOXERS, came up with a genius idea and now holds two patents on her famous boxers. - photo by Jeremy Coleman

This article appears in the February edition of 400 Life Magazine.

You may refer to them as unmentionables, but the underwear at this Dawson County boutique is definitely worth talking about. 

Opened in 2021 by April Spring, CEO of the 2007-born global brand by the same name, FOXERS flagship store is the fruit of her below-the-belt light-bulb idea. 

That revelation — one she holds two patents for — was putting the stretchy band from the waistline of men’s boxers onto other styles of underwear for both men and women. 

The result was a game-changer in undergarments and the launchpad for a highly trafficked website and her storefront filled with innovative underwear, clothing, accessories, and more. 

“I have loved fashion since I can remember,” said Spring, an investor relations guru originally from Norfolk, Va. “I grew up loving to dress up and create new looks of my own. After many years in the business world, I thought this was the perfect time to follow my passion. 

“Having the business background has helped us to persevere through so many ups and downs of the economy and the business of an entrepreneur.” 

And in the underwear industry, those ups and downs often have something to do with the consumer. 

“I hear it all of the time — people will say, ‘that’s for the young girls, not me!’” said Spring. “This is the craziest response. Underwear is for everyone. I think, because for so many years panties were so plain and ugly, that women believed pretty equaled sexy. 

“This is the biggest misconception. Pretty is for us, for you, for the woman herself. I make fun, comfortable, and foxy underwear for men and women of all ages and sizes.”

Sydney Wilson and Jessica Ingo show off some oF FOXERSlingerie designs. - photo by Jeremy Coleman

In fact, through FOXERS, Spring has curated an entire lifestyle to covet. It offers plenty of sexy, lacy options, and a bridal line to boot, but its comfortable styles and complimentary retail introduce a cozy elegance that most of us are craving after more than a year of staying home. 

“It’s built for lounging,” said Spring, who traded a decade of city life in Midtown Atlanta for the calming serenity and mountain-lake scenery of North Georgia, along with her husband and FOXERS CIO, Alex Emmermann. “And it’s for everyone, even my 88-year-old aunts. The FXBB style FOXERS boxer briefs for women — these are made for women. There’s no ugly pouch like most faux women’s boxers. If you just try one pair, you’ll be hooked.”

You could say the same thing about shopping there. Located in Dawson County, just outside the Forsyth County line off Ga. 400, it’s an easy stop for commuters. 

And it’s even simpler once you’re inside. Channeling her scenic surroundings, the store is cozy, warm, and welcoming. Think lodge life, with cozy cotton sweaters and animal prints, luscious Italian handbags, and trendy dresses and coats. 

FOXERS carries a variety of styles and patterns - photo by Jeremy Coleman

Hands down, though, the reason to shop FOXERS (online or in the new, 1,000-square-foot store) is for the famous FOXERS boxers with pockets for women and men. 

Spring calls them fun and comfortable, but also utilitarian, something she mimics throughout the selection of apparel and accessories she carries in the store, and in the way her sales associates are trained to greet customers. 

“We welcome everyone like a neighbor, and it’s been fun to introduce ourselves and the business as the new local brand that we hope they will be proud to say is from Dawsonville,” said Spring.

Her team takes a personalized approach to make sure you find what you want, what you like, and what’s going to make you wonder why you hadn’t shopped here before. Their goal includes making sure you know that FOXERS isn’t just a boutique with lovely things, but an anchor store with clothing and accessories to make it a head-to-toe expedition.

“Each of the FOXERS team members is excited about the brand and now very excited to have the customer feedback and relationship experience,” said Spring, nodding to the new storefront. 

“All of us have been behind the scenes for 15 years and now it’s fun to get to meet some of our customers face-to-face, and hear their opinions and ideas.”

Of course, you can’t talk about things like lingerie — even the comfy kind — without acknowledging that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But FOXERS has customers covered with conventional gifts for both men and women. 

Whether gorgeous handmade-in-Georgia velvet lounge pants or the self-described soft-as-butter lace products or cotton spandex tops, there’s an option for everyone who craves an elegant, but comfortable look for lounging. In addition, FOXERS’ matching couples underwear creates a fun excuse to shop together. 

This year, customers can expect more Foxers products from head to toe, and continue to upgrade their lounge look. New looks will come out often, like the latest soft men’s camouflage underwear and matching women’s nightgowns. 

Swim will hit a growth spurt in a few months and will stay in-stock year-round. 

The best way to stay on top of the newest looks is by joining their email list, but Spring loves to talk shop with anyone who wants to know more. She’ll even give you a tour of the behind-the-scenes.

“We’ve received such fantastic feedback and support since we opened,” said Spring. “I never thought I would have my own brand and clothing line, but I’m so happy this is where I am today.”

And if you’ve tried her signature product, you know that’s something definitely worth mentioning.


Where: 124 Storage Way N, Suite 100, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Contact: 757-214-9225,, email

Find them on Facebook at FOXERS, and on Instagram @FOXERS.

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