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Part 1: Exotic and unique pets living the life in Forsyth County
Sphynx Cat
Forsyth County residents sent 400 Life some of their more unique pets. Among them are a donkey, a variety of snakes and lizards, squirrels, turtles and more. - photo courtesy Liz Lewis
This article appears in the August issue of  400 Life.
We asked and you delivered! Here are some of the more unique pets living in Forsyth County. From snakes to lizards, to baby cows, donkeys and squirrels, all of these pets are cherished by their awesome owners! Here is the first batch of pets sent to our staff. Stay tuned for more!

Camilla Brock

The first photo shows our three bearded dragons, Anakin, Mushu and Halo (left to right). Below, Anakin and I after my high school graduation this May. I sewed him a matching cap and gown so he could graduate with me!

bearded dragon
bearded dragon
Wonder where Anakin is going to college?
Camilla Brock
Camilla and her bearded dragon, Anakin, ready for graduation!

Maggie Weed

I have a pet, bottle-raised 2-year-old bull named Lazarus and I have an 8-year-old donkey named George who loves to roll. 

I live in the north end of Forsyth County.

George the donkey who loves to roll around in the grass!
Maggie Weed bottle-raised 2-year-old bull Lazarus.

Alexis Mckinzie

I raised three female squirrels when they were about 5 weeks old and just opening their eyes. I got them in October of 2018 and released them in April 2019. They visit occasionally for their whole natural almonds. They also love getting pieces of avocado. They have moved out of their nesting boxes and have found a nest box of their own. I may see two together in a day that visit but sometimes it’s just one. I used to be able to tell them apart when they were little but not anymore.

Alexis Mckinzie with three female squirrels she rescued and raised.
Sweet Nibbles as a baby.

Paul Blizzard

Our daughter’s bearded dragon, Comet, loves to hang around. Since the Women’s World Cup was on recently, Comet was cheering on the U.S. team. What’s more exotic than a soccer playing bearded dragon named Comet?

bearded dragon
Comet the bearded dragon rooting for the U.S. team during the Women’s World Cup. Guess it worked!
Bearded dragon
Comet in his home.

David Alexander

I am allergic to cats and dogs and with both me and my wife, Lisa, being animal lovers, we wanted a pet! 

I was intrigued with chameleons and their colors and features. 

I did a lot of research on keeping them as pets. They are difficult to care and require a lot of knowledge to make sure you provide the right care. 

Mac was our first Chameleon we purchased at a reptile show. He was the “runt” of his brothers and sisters. 

He went home with us and and other chameleons followed. I guess you can say we were addicted. 

Mac had several health issues and was a regular at the University of Georgia teaching animal hospital. 

He was well known in the hospital. People I had never met would see him in the hallway and call out, “Hey, there’s Mac!” He was featured in two books that were associated with UGA, won a Pet of the Year photo contest and was featured in their calendar one year as “Mr. October.” His picture also hangs on a wall at the college. 

Mac passed away in 2017. If it wasn’t for UGA and our care, he probably would not have made it to a year old. He lived for five years. If we had to do it all over again we would pick him again and again. Mac is also featured in medical journals. 

They have personalities just like any dog or cat. Mac loved to be out of his cage and would hang out with us (most of the time on my shoulder). 

Our others have also passed away, but we will get more one day. We truly enjoyed raising them and seeing their personalities shine. We have had six total, each with their own unique personality. 

Mac had several health issues and was a regular at the University of Georgia teaching animal hospital. He was featured in two books that were associated with UGA, won a Pet of the Year photo contest and was featured in their calendar one year as “Mr. October.”

Liz Lewis

Spirit is a 7- month-old Sphynx kitten. Spooky is a 1-year-old Sphynx cat. Mavis is a champagne yellowbelly ball python. Shrode is a cinnamon pastel lesser ball python.

Sphynx Kitten
This is Spirit, she is a 7 month old Sphynx Kitten.
Sphynx Cat
This is Spooky, he is a 1 year old Sphynx Cat.
Cinnamon Pastel Lesser Ball Python
This is Shrode, he is a Cinnamon Pastel Lesser Ball Python.
Champagne Yellowbelly Ball Python
This is Mavis, she is a Champagne Yellowbelly Ball Python.

Rebecca Megerle

My daughter’s bearded dragon, HalByorn, celebrating his birthday.

bearded dragon
Happy Birthday HalByorn!

Kristen Dudley

This is my child’s friend Pancake. He is a 1-year-old eyelash crested gecko. These geckos are from New Caledonia.

eyelash crested gecko
Pancake is beautiful!
Stay tuned for more unique pets from Forsyth County!