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Forsyth County orthodontist 'could not pass up' chance to open second location
07142020 Hiser Orthodontics
Hiser Orthodontics is opening a new location at 5067 Post Road #201 in the Midway Family Festival shopping center. The location opens for patients on Thursday, July 16, 2020. - photo by Brian Paglia

Doug Hiser isn’t just opening another location of his orthodontics practice – he's opening another “platform to lift somebody up,” he says.

The latest is at 5067 Post Road, Suite 201, in the heart of the Midway community in West Forsyth.

“We're not selling braces,” Hiser said. “We're actually selling interpersonal communication.”

“We're very passionate about that,” he added. “Because you don't know what [kids are] hearing in the car. And we want to maybe be one person that says, ‘You got it. You're good.’”

Hiser Orthodontics has been in practice in Forsyth County since 1999 off Pirkle Ferry Road in Cumming, but Hiser said many of his patients seeking Invisalign treatment have been traveling from West Forsyth.

When the office off Post Road became available, Hiser saw the perfect opportunity to offer extra convenience to his current patients.

“From a business standpoint it’s better, too,” Hiser said, “but there’s people down there that it just makes it easier for them.”

It’s a tricky time to expand a business. The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered many, particularly in the hospitality industry. Hiser temporarily closed his offices in late March and transitioned to virtual appointments only. He’s since reopened while implementing safety measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Then the office space in Midway opened. It was perfect: fully furnished, and located in the Midway Family Festival shopping center surrounded by Midway Park.

“It was an opportunity I could not pass up,” Hiser said, “and if I said no, that was based out of fear.”

The location opens for patients starting Thursday, July 16.

“We operate from a servant's mentality within our practice,” Hiser said. “I serve the staff first; the staff has to serve each other - not me. Then we go serve the public together. This is a good move, and it supports our vision and our mission and what we believe in.”