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'We just want our devices back:' Customers left in the dark as local Simply Mac closes doors
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Photo by Maxim Hopman, Unsplash.

Following online rumors referencing bankruptcy, Simply Mac at the Collection at Forsyth has closed its doors. 

According to AppleInsider, Simply Mac CEO Rein Voigt said that the company would be "shutting down its operations and terminating all employees effective immediately."

This statement has left some Forsyth County residents without their devices and wondering how they can get them back from the repair store. 

One such resident, Rachel Lewis, explained that her son's Macbook Pro and AirPod Pros have been awaiting repairs since the end of May. 

Lewis said her son worked all summer last year to pay for the devices. 

She dropped off the devices at a "fairly busy" store and did not know about the store's closing until her son was notified by an email from Apple. 

Per the email, Apple was "aware of reports that Simply Mac has ceased operations."

"We are currently working on ways to help you with your repair and will contact you when we have more information to share," the email read. 

On the morning of Tuesday, June 14, Lewis stopped by the store to find "lights are off, doors are locked [and there was] no sign; nothing."

She spoke with the property management agency at the Collection, and according to Lewis, said they did not "have any answer" for the situation. 

"The next thing I went to was the sheriff's office," Lewis said. "They're always very helpful, but they can't do anything either because technically, no crime has been committed."

After speaking with Apple twice in the last two days, Lewis was advised by Apple Support agents to wait. 

"They've basically compiled all the information into a ticket, and now I have to wait for Apple to email me," Lewis said. "But no response from Simply Mac. None whatsoever."

"We just want our devices back to get them repaired by someone else," Lewis said. "They're items that my son paid for himself, and he worked hard all summer to get them. It's very frustrating as a parent."

Other residents have taken to Facebook, commenting on Simply Mac at the Collection's page. 

"I just want my phone and AirPods back," one comment reads. 

"I also feel upset for the employees that are out of a job now," Lewis said. "It's a bad situation [all around]."

While Simply Mac has not released an official statement, this story will be updated as more information becomes available.