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Former bus driver indicted after allegedly driving bus under the influence
Lesli Davis
Lesli Davis - photo by Photo courtesy of the FCSO

A former Forsyth County school bus driver has been indicted after reportedly operating a school bus while under the influence of alcohol.

In September, Lesli Carole Davis was indicted on two counts each of driving under the influence and reckless conduct after reportedly driving a school bus in August 2021 “while the accused’s alcohol concentration was .08 grams or more within three hours after such driving ended from alcohol consumed before such driving ended,” according to the indictment.

Her case will be in Forsyth County Chief Superior Court Judge S. Bagley’s court.

Forsyth County Schools officials said Davis resigned as a bus driver on Sept. 7, 2021.

Per the indictment, Davis was operating the vehicle “while under the influence of alcohol to the extent it was less safe for her to drive,” and the reckless driving counts involve two victims who were allegedly endangered by her driving the bus. 

Davis was reportedly driving students at North Forsyth High School students before having chest pains and being taken to the hospital.

According to an incident report from the arrest, on Aug. 19, 2021, members of the Georgia State Patrol were notified by staff at Northside Hospital Forsyth that Davis had had a medical emergency while driving the bus and, after being brought to the hospital by EMS, staff found “that the bus driver’s toxicology results showed an ethanol level of 216 mg/dL,” or a blood alcohol level of about .2, above the state limit of .08.

Davis reportedly suffered chest pains and EMS responded to her on Kara Drive in north Forsyth before she was taken to the hospital.

Before obtaining a search warrant for Davis’ medical records, officers spoke with first responders who arrived at the scene, school bus coordinators and students on the bus.

School officials reportedly told police they had to call Davis the day of the arrest after she was late for her route. FCS officials also informed investigators that “Davis would not be driving a school bus until the investigation was complete.

An NFHS student told police “he did not suspect anything out of the normal with the driver other than he thought she was a new bus driver due to her driving. [The student] stated that she took turns very abruptly and that he hit his head several times on the window with Ms. Davis running over curbs.”

Another student stated that he did not notice anything out of the normal.

After speaking with those on the scene, a warrant was issued for Davis’ medical records, which lead to an arrest warrant after investigators saw her blood ethanol level.

The report said the medical records show that the ethanol level check was done “when alcohol was smelled” and Davis said she “only had one or two glasses last night.”

Davis was arrested without incident on Sept. 3, 2021, according to the report.