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North Georgia authorities detain fugitive in Dawson County after an overnight manhunt
Dylan Finley
The Dawson County Sheriff's Office has taken Dylan Finley, 27, of Hartwell, into custody after an overnight manhunt. Photo by the Dawson County Sheriff's Office.

Following an extensive overnight manhunt in Dawson and Lumpkin counties, north Georgia authorities have apprehended an alleged drug trafficking fugitive that eluded law enforcement agencies in multiple counties for days. 

In a Facebook post, Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jerrard announced that Dylan Finley, 27, of Hartwell, was taken into custody at a Dawson County residence on Friday morning, after authorities shared Finley’s photo and description on social media. 

“But we stayed out all night last night,” Jarrard said. “Thank you to all the citizens that called in.” 

According to Jerrard, northeast Georgia authorities began searching for Finley earlier this week, after officials received a tip that Finley was allegedly attempting to traffic narcotics into Lumpkin County.  

In his Facebook post, Jarrard displayed two ziplock bags, allegedly containing several pounds of methamphetamine, which was reportedly meant to make its way to Lumpkin County. Jarrard did not elaborate on how or when the narcotics were seized.

Jarrard said that authorities were initially worried that Finley posed a danger to law enforcement officers after Finley reportedly made a comment that he, “Did not want to go back to jail.” 

“But it did not turn out that way, we were able to successfully get him,” he said. 

According to Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson, the manhunt ended at about 9 a.m. when the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office 911 received a call that a suspicious person was attempting to hitchhike on Hwy. 136 in Dawson County. 

After receiving another tip containing more precise information about the fugitive, deputies responded to a residence near Hwy. 136 and Cothran Road, and took Finley into custody without incident. 

“We appreciate the vigilance and cooperation of our community in helping to apprehend this subject. We truly value the partnership we enjoy with our community,” Johnson said. 

The Lumpkin and Dawson County Sheriff’s Offices were involved in the manhunt, along with support from the Georgia State Patrol. 

Finley has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession or manufacturing of schedule II substances, possession of drug-related objects, possession of schedule IV substances. He has been transported to the Lumpkin County Jail by GSP Troopers.