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Forsyth County Schools: Friday will be ‘normal school day’ during World Series celebration
Board of Education
The Forsyth County Board of Education office. - photo by Sabrina Kerns

Forsyth County Schools officials said the school day will not be cancelled on Friday as residents all over Georgia prepare for the Atlanta Braves Championship Parade.

Many families have expressed disappointment at the district’s decision not to cancel the school day for both students and staff since the Braves won the World Championship Tuesday night. 

Some students even started a petition, asking Superintendent Dr. Jeff Bearden to make the decision to give students an online learning day “so we can celebrate this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity of the Braves winning the World Series.”

Other districts in the metro Atlanta area have already cancelled school days ahead of the parade on Friday, including Atlanta Public Schools, City Schools of Decatur, Cobb County, Clayton County, Dekalb County, Douglas County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County and Marietta City schools.

FCS spokesperson Jennifer Caracciolo said that many of these school systems decided to cancel the school day in the interest of student and staff safety as the parade will create traffic, road closures and crowds in certain areas.

She said these logistical challenges will not be presented in Forsyth County, which is further from Atlanta.

“We recognize that some parents/guardians may not send their children to school tomorrow so that they can attend the Braves’ parade,” Caracciolo said. “We understand and wish them well. However, we recognize that some parents/guardians may not wish to attend the parade or may not be in the position to do so. Cancelling school at this late date would create many challenges for them.”

With all of FCS’ families in mind, Caracciolo said the day will continue as originally planned.

“We congratulate and celebrate the Braves, but tomorrow will be a normal school day for our district,” Caracciolo said.