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More face-to-face instruction, altered spring break: Here’s what UNG has planned for next semester
University of North Georgia students walk across the Gainesville campus Wednesday, March 11, 2020. - photo by By Scott Rogers

The University of North Georgia recently announced its plans to increase face-to-face instruction for the spring semester.

Hybrid 1 courses, which ranged from 25% to 50% of in-person learning in the fall, will change to 50%. This means students and faculty will meet in person at least once a week. 

“The change was in part in response to the resolution passed by the Board of Regents in October, but also feedback from students indicated a desire for greater and more regular interaction with faculty members,” Chaudron Gille, Provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, told The Times Wednesday, Nov. 18.

In an article on UNG’s website, the university explains that if students enroll in a Monday, Wednesday, Friday course, “they will be divided into three groups with each group meeting with the faculty member once a week.” The other 50% of class sessions will carry on online. 

A new instructional method has been added for the spring semester, called “partially at a distance.” This includes using technology to facilitate more than 50% of class sessions, but visits to a classroom are required.

UNG has also updated its attendance policy, which requires students to participate in online and face-to-face portions for all hybrid courses, instead of reviewing available class recordings at their own leisure. 

Gille said the change was prompted by feedback from UNG’s faculty about sporadic in-person attendance from students and concerns about their engagement with courses.

“We know that a strong predictor of student success is whether or not the student is attending class sessions and is engaged in the class in a consistent manner,” she said. 

If a student does stop attending class, they may be administratively withdrawn with or without academic penalty.

UNG is also altering its academic calendar for the spring, keeping the semester start and end dates of Jan. 11 and April 30 the same, but changing spring break. Students typically have a week-long break in March; however, they will instead have April 1, April 2 and March 9 off.

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