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Plans submitted for three residential projects in Forsyth County
- photo courtesy Metro

A proposed conservations subdivision with more than 120 homes in north Forsyth County was among recent projects submitted to the county’s planning department.

Applicant Tolls Brothers Inc. has submitted a request to rezone 115 acres off Heardmont Trace Road, near the intersection with Matt Highway, from agricultural (A1) and single-family residential restricted district (R1R) to single-family residential district (Res2) conservation for 128 residential lots with a density of 1.1 units per acre.

Conservation subdivisions are developments that have more flexibility to build smaller lots in exchange for identifying and protecting open space.

Plans show that 46.1 acres, about 40% of the development, will be open space, with about 36.5 acres, 32%, as part of the primary conservation area.

Variances are being sought to reduce the minimum building setback from all primary conservation areas to zero feet from 75 feet and to reduce the minimum number of lots entirely abutted by open space on at least one side from 85% to zero.

Along with the homes and open space, plans for the development include a pocket park with a mail kiosk, a pool and cabana area and a community lawn.

A zoning review meeting with county staff and a public participation meeting for the project are both scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1.


New subdivision proposed on Daves Creek Road

Developers have submitted plans for a new neighborhood on Daves Creek Road.

Haven Investments, LLC has submitted plans to rezone 25.5 acres from agricultural district (A1) to single-family residential district (Res3) for 37 lots with a density of about 1.5 units per acre.

The property is on the west side of Daves Creek Road, between Cascading Creek Court and Daves Creek Drive.

A zoning review meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1.


35 homes planned on Castleberry Road

A new subdivision could be coming to Castleberry Road.

According to plans submitted to the county, applicant Toll Brothers Inc. has requested to rezone about 33.6 acres at 7108 and 7240 Castleberry Road from agricultural (A1) and commercial business (CBD) districts to single-family residential district (Res2) got 35 residential lots with a density of just over 1 unit per acre.

A variance is also being sought to reduce the exterior buffer and landscape strip abutting Castleberry Road right-of-way from 40 feet and 10 feet, respectively, to zero feet.

A zoning review meeting for the project is planned for Wednesday, Dec. 1.