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These 3 development projects are headed to county commissioners
FCN Forsyth County Administration Building

Plans for a high-end auto storage development, a new restaurant on Atlanta Highway and an expansion to a planned neighborhood have been approved by members of the Forsyth County planning board and are headed to county commissioners.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 28, members of the Forsyth County Planning Commission recommended approval of the three projects after reviewing plans and hearing from the community. All items were approved by a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Two public hearings for rezoning requests on the meeting’s agenda were postponed and are scheduled for the board’s Tuesday, Oct. 26 meeting.

One is a request from Century Communities of Georgia, LLC to rezone 88.5 acres on AC Smith Road from agricultural district (A1) to single-family residential district (Res-2) for 112 residential lots with a density of 1.27 units per acre.

The other request is for Taylor Morrison of Georgia, LLC to rezone about 79 acres at 4850 Burruss Road from agricultural district (A1) to single-family residential district (Res-2) for a conservation subdivision with 93 residential lots with a density of 1.18 units per acre.


The Stables

A high-end auto storage development is moving forward.

Planning Commissioners approved, with variances and conditions, an application from OCS Enterprises Inc., to rezone nine acres at 5639 Atlanta Highway from commercial business district (CBD) to restricted industrial district (M1) for warehouses, storage buildings, offices, showrooms and a high-end automotive retail village and car storage facility in buildings totaling 76,600-square-feet with 82 parking spaces.

The project, known as The Stables Motor Condos, includes four acres of open space, and plans show eight buildings associated with the site. The plans do not include any retail and commercial uses, and the development will be a mix of auto and personal warehouse units.

The public hearing for the project was held in August, and Tuesday’s meeting was for decision only.

District 3 Planning Commissioner Jessica Thorsen said following the public hearing she had spoken with the applicant and a resident who had raised concerns and “and [I] think that we have worked out something very well here.”

Thorsen said she had recommended conditions that would mandate an owners’ association that will be responsible for common areas, building repairs and maintenance on the site, does not allow guests to stay overnight and excludes certain businesses from the property, such as pawnshops and tattoo parlors.

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Fast food in Lakeland Plaza

A new fast-food restaurant may be coming to a former bankbuilding in Lakeland Plaza.

Planning members recommended approving, with variances, a request from applicant David Blass for a conditional-use permit to conduct around-the-clock business in a 3,198-square-foot building with 33 parking spaces on 0.84 acres at 503 Lakeland Plaza which is currently zoned CBD. Variances are being sought to reduce the front landscape strip from 15 feet to 4 feet, reduce the side and rear landscape strips from 10 feet to 3 feet and reduce open space from 25% to 19%.

“It’s pretty appropriate where it is,” District 1 Planning Commissioner Kerry Hill said. “It’s next to a gas station and it’s in the Lakeland Shopping Plaza where Belk and everything else is. It’s where the defunct bank building is. The variances are pretty much because that’s the way that [the building] is right now, so it would be involving chipping up concrete and asphalt in order to put that stuff in, so I think those are appropriate.”

Planning members said the development was appropriate for the area and a highly-sought restaurant.

When discussing what restaurant was moving in Hill said “it’s not a Whataburger, but it is a Whataburger.”

There were no speakers in a public hearing for the project.


60 proposed homes on Howard Road

During the meeting, planning commissioners also recommended approval of a request that could bring an additional 60 homes to a development in west Forsyth County.

The board recommended approval, with variances and conditions, of a request from applicant Toll Brothers, Inc. to rezone 50 acres at 5520 Howard Road from agricultural district (A1) to single-family residential district (Res-2).

Variances are being sought to reduce exterior buffers for an abutting single-family residential district (Res-3) zoning, which is planned to be part of the same overall development, and to reduce the common area on the property from 5% to zero.

Ethan Underwood, a zoning attorney representing the development, said the variances were requested as the Res-2 development would “bolt-on” to the Res-3 plan.

“You’ll have the larger lots and the larger homes on this Res-2 that you’re considering tonight,” Underwood said. “This creates two different product types, but we think it will do very, very well up on Howard Road.”

The adjoining Res-3 site is planned on 58 acres with 95 homes, a minimum lot size of 14,750 square feet and a minimum average lot size of 18,500 square feet, while the Res-2 site would have a minimum lot of 22,00 square feet.

Underwood said the open area for both sires would be on the Res-3 potion of the project.

Proposed conditions for the project include having a homeowner’s association, that no more than 10% of units are rented and requiring developers to build a left-turn lane into the property from Howard Road.