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3 Forsyth County Courthouse employees test positive for coronavirus

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Several employees with the Forsyth County Courthouse and the Forsyth County Juvenile Court recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

Forsyth County spokeswoman Karen Shields said that three employees tested positive for the virus, and the court has since started working with the Department of Public Health to move forward with contact tracing, further testing and directing employees to self-quarantine. 

Shields said that the Chief Judge of Superior Court has issued orders to mandate daily health screenings, which include temperature checks. The court has also since gone back over C.D.C. guidelines and county policies with all “appropriate Forsyth County departments” to make sure everyone is doing their best to keep employees healthy and safe.

As employees are holding court proceedings, the number of people allowed to enter into courtrooms at one time has been limited, and virtual hearings are an option. Shields said that the courtroom is also being thoroughly cleaned after each court day.

Shields said that those who have tested positive have self-quarantined, following county policy and C.D.C. guidelines.