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Cox wins District 28 Republican runoff
Brent Cox
Brent Cox

Brent Cox, a business owner from Forsyth County, has won the Republican runoff for the state House District 28 seat in northeast Forsyth and western Hall counties.

Cox defeated opponent Julie Tressler in the June 24 General Primary Runoff for the seat with 56% of the more than 4,100 votes cast in the district, including earning 57.25% of Forsyth County's more than 3,700 votes. Cox and Tressler were the top vote-getters in a six-candidate race for the seat, earning 32.3% and 22.7%, respectively, of the May 24 General Primary votes.

He will face Democrat Claudia Wood, an education director, in November. 

Reached on Tuesday evening, Cox applauded Tressler for a hard-fought race, saying she was a great competitor, and thanked his supporters.

“I want to thank everyone around me that has just been there since the beginning to help fight and try to represent District 28 the best way that we can,” he said. “Tonight has been a little stressful, but it’s part of the process.”

In a statement, Tressler congratulated Cox on his victory, thanked supporters and said she is "officially retired from politics."

"I wish nothing but the best for Brent Cox and will be rooting for him to represent us well," Tressler said. "He ran a great race, and we were opponents but not enemies. I wish more people in politics would understand that it is possible to make that distinction and that when the dust settles, we all want the same thing and that's to make a difference. I have no doubt Brent and I will keep in contact, and I'm here for him if he needs me."

Heading toward November, Cox said his plans were “to continue to get the name out in the community and build the confidence of the people in the community.”

Cox previously said he is in favor of “common sense” growth in the area and developing a growth plan over the next 10-15 years. He has also said he is against a “’one-size-fits-all’ approach to education” and wants parents to have more choices and involvement in their child’s education.

In a recent forum, Cox was asked what piece of legislation he would support if elected, and said he is in favor of school choice, or having state funding follow students rather than public schools, allowing students to attend home school, private school or other options.

Cox also said he wants to bring high-tech jobs to the community.