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Forsyth voters narrowly reject TSPLOST
transportation summit 2022
County and state officials advertised a TSPLOST that will be appearing on the Nov. 8 ballot. Photo courtesy Forsyth County government.

Almost 100,000 Forsyth County residents cast their vote for or against a Transportation Special Purpose Local Operation Sales Tax (TSPLOST) during the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, but the result came down to about 600 votes.

The race was close, with less than one percent between those in favor and those in opposition of the county applying a one-cent sales tax, payable by anyone spending money in Forsyth County. 

Forsyth election results

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According to election numbers, 50,066 voters, about 50.2% of the total, voted against the TSPLOST, and 49,681, about 49.8%, said yes. The one-cent sales tax will not be applied. 

According to county officials during this year's Transportation Summit in October, revenue generated by the TSPLOST would have been put aside solely for transportation improvements such as the widening of Keith Bridge (SR 306) and Fowler Road.