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Meet the candidates for Cumming’s mayoral race
City Hall

Voters living in the city of Cumming will soon have a choice to make. 

Advance voting for the Nov. 2 mayoral race between incumbent Mayor Troy Brumbalow and challenger William Stone, III will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and continue for three weeks through Friday, Oct. 29.

Only those living in the city limits will be able to vote in the election. 

Brumbalow, who is seeking a second term after being elected in 2017, is a business owner and 1990 graduate of South Forsyth High School and has touted the soon-to-open Cumming City Center, the city’s financial status and the revitalization of the Cumming Police Department as successes in his first term.

Stone, a tax attorney and a 2006 Forsyth Central High School graduate, has cited growth in the city as well as spending by city officials as key issues for his campaign. After attending Central, Stone graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, Georgia State College of Law and received an LLM. in Taxation from the University of Florida’s Levin School of Law.

Click here for more information on Brumbalow and Stone's campaigns. More voting information can be found here

Before voters head to the polls, Forsyth County News sent a question-and-answer survey to each candidate. 

Their answers are below. 

Can you give voters a bit of your background?

I was born and raised in Forsyth County and married my high school sweetheart Jodie. We have a son attending Mercer University and a daughter that attends Forsyth Central High School. I was valedictorian of South Forsyth High and attended Gainesville State College before starting a custom home building business in 1993.

What made you want to run for re-election? 

I choose to run again to finish our city center and make sure it gets off and running smoothly. I enjoy being involved with our community and being able to help our citizens. 

If elected, what are some of the things you want to tackle in your second term? 

Completion of the city center, new roads to improve traffic and beautification projects in the city.

Is there anything else you feel the community should know about your or your campaign?

I work over 40 hours each week as mayor while also running my own business that actually pays the bills. Being the mayor is a 24/7 job for below minimum wages. I do it because I love my hometown and strive to make it better every day. I’m heavily involved with helping nonprofits and supporting our law enforcement. 

Can you give voters a bit of your background?

As a lifelong resident of Cumming, I share the values embraced by the hard-working taxpayers and business owners who make our community a great place in which to live, work, play and retire.  

Having been raised in Cumming, I have witnessed first-hand our community’s growth and understand the problems and opportunities our families and businesses encounter daily. Cumming has been and always will be home and I will fight to preserve our city’s heritage while offering a fresh perspective to solving the problems plaguing our community.  I grew up swimming in Lake Lanier, hiking Sawnee Mountain, walking the hallways of our schools and attending our legendary 4th of July steam engine parade, and I will work to ensure future generations are afforded the same experiences that shaped my life. Driven by the values of faith, family, freedom and service, I am committed to representing all citizens of Cumming and providing open, transparent and responsive solutions to meet the challenges our community faces while taking advantage of the opportunities that can elevate our community to new heights. As a tax attorney, I understand the complexities involved in our current tax system and have worked to help individuals and businesses navigate the system to ensure they do not suffer at the hands of the government.  I will bring this same common-sense advocacy to the mayor’s office. As the only candidate born, raised and educated in Cumming, I am a proud graduate of Forsyth Central High School and the University of Georgia. 

What made you want to run for office?

Now, more than ever, we live in uncertain and challenging times. To protect our quality of life, we must reduce unnecessary, wasteful government spending that leads to increased intrusion and high taxes. In the middle of a nationwide pandemic, now is not the time to compete with private industry and deplete our city’s rainy day fund.  For too long, we have witnessed government’s out-of-control spending at the expense of taxpayers, families and businesses. Unfortunately, the Washington mentality of “spend-then-tax” has made its way to Cumming and if we are not careful the tax man will be knocking on our door to collect.  I am running to protect our community’s legacy, preserve our heritage and offer bold, new solutions that position our Cumming to achieve greatness. Rather than spending $65 million to transform our city into a monopolized landlord, as some have suggested, I will offer bold solutions that promote private sector growth and achieve long-term sustainable outcomes. While families and businesses are struggling to survive financially, our city’s government does not hesitate to continue swiping its taxpayer-funded credit cards, driving us into a $38 million deficit. I will work to cut taxes permanently, eliminate excessive government regulation and provide a thriving community that attracts a quality workforce. The resulting environment will support more real jobs and allow Cumming to become the best place in the nation in which to do business.  We can achieve greater long term economic prosperity by reducing the size and role of government — not expanding it 

If elected, what are some of the things you want to tackle in your term?

My primary goal is to restore the voice of taxpayers to the mayor’s office. We need leaders who will deliver real solutions to the problems plaguing our community. I am not a politician. In fact, I spend every day working as a tax attorney advocating for taxpayers.  Just as I advocate for my clients, I will lead the charge to responsibly grow our local economy, increase private-sector job-creation, enhance local infrastructure, and protect taxpayers against wasteful spending.  Private-sector jobs are created when local government can attract quality businesses. Supporting our existing businesses and attracting carefully selected companies to Cumming will create new jobs and strengthen our city’s ability to maintain low property tax rates. One of the first requirements of a healthy economy and a prosperous community is access to adequate infrastructure. 

The nation is learning what we have always known: Cumming is a great place in which to live, work, play, raise a family and retire. With this growth comes both challenges and opportunities that require more than empty promises and political rhetoric. I am prepared to deliver real solutions to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance our parks and recreation, protect Lake Lanier, keep crime from infiltrating our community and preserve our small, hometown charm nestled among a thriving cityscape. As product of hard work, determination and perseverance, I learned early in life to stand strong for my values and solve the issue at hand rather than “passing the buck.” I will bring this same mentality to the mayor’s office. 

Is there anything else you feel the community should know about your or your campaign?

As the only candidate for mayor who has not accepted money from special interests, large corporations, developers or real estate interests, I am not beholden to anyone other than the hard-working taxpayers and businesses who make our community the great place to live that it is today. While I am a strong proponent of private property rights, I do not believe our elected officials should place the out-of-town special interest above the interests of our local families and businesses. 

As mayor, I will never risk or jeopardize the values of our local taxpayers in exchange for earning favor among those looking to make a quick profit at the expense of our town’s citizens.  Further, to show my commitment to the community, I will be giving my Mayoral salary to our Parks and Recreation Department to help provide affordable youth sports and activities to the children of Cumming.