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Homeowner fighting Joro spiders with flames caught attic on fire, official says
Joro spider
David Neveils of Clean-Way Inc. cleans up debris on a fire damaged roof on Weatherford Road in Hall County Friday, Oct. 1, 2021, after fire damaged the attic space inside the home. - photo by By Scott Rogers

The Hall County Fire Marshal's Office has determined a house fire on Tuesday south of Gainesville started when the owner used an open flame to burn Joro spider webs in the attic.

The fire, which was ruled accidental, occurred in the 4600 block of Weatherford Road. No one was injured.

“(W)e understand Joro spiders are a nuisance, but it is best to clean up webs using dust brushes in lieu of open flames to burn the webs,” Christie Grice, emergency medical services division chief, wrote in an email. 


Joro spider
The invasive Joro spider may look similar to native yellow arachnid species, but there are a few distinctive traits that help it stand out like its yellow-hued multi-layered webs. - photo by Kelsey Podo