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Several inmates in Forsyth County Jail test positive for COVID-19
The Forsyth County Jail in downtown Cumming.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday evening that several cases of COVID-19 were recorded at the county jail within the past two days. 

According to a statement on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, 3% of the current inmate population tested positive. As of Friday, the current inmate population, according to the jail log on the FCSO’s website, is 329 — meaning that 3% of the population would be approximately 9-10 inmates. 

FCSO spokeswoman Stacie Miller said that the agency would not comment on the exact number of those who tested positive.

According to the statement, the inmates who tested positive for the virus have been isolated and are being monitored closely by the jail’s full-time medical staff. 

The Forsyth County Jail initially brought about safety measures when Forsyth County first started to see the effects of the pandemic back in March. These measures include health screenings of individuals before entering the jail, a full-time medical staff to watch over the health of inmates, a separate housing area for new inmates, limitation of movement throughout the jail, 24-hour sanitation crews, and more. 

“While we take all precautions to keep our employees, deputies and inmates safe, COVID-19 remains and invisible enemy that has invaded many of the nation’s jails and correctional facilities,” FCSO’s statement reads. “Unlike some jurisdictions, Forsyth County has not released inmates early or on signature bonds during this pandemic. Doing so makes Forsyth less safe and does injustice to crime victims. We will continue to provide exceptional care and medical treatment to any inmate in need.”