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UPDATE: Forsyth County under tornado watch as storms roll in
severe weather

UPDATE, 1:10 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 12: A tornado watch is in effect for Forsyth County and surrounding areas until 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12. 

According to the National Weather Service, a tornado watch means weather conditions could favor thunderstorms that produce tornadoes. 

The National Weather Service recommends residents to stay vigilant and "be ready to act quickly if a warning is issues or you suspect a tornado is approaching." 

A cold front pushing through the southeast is expected to bring severe storms to Forsyth County Thursday, Jan. 12 afternoon and evening, according to the National Weather Service's Peachtree City office. 

Forsyth County is in the slight risk category for Thursday's storms, which could mean an enhanced risk of isolated tornadoes, strong damaging winds and frequent lightning. 

The National Weather Service says in case of a tornado move to the lowest level of your house or an interior room without windows, such as a bathroom or closet. Basements are ideal to take cover. Cover your head and neck to protect from falling debris. 

To find the nearest storm siren near you or sign up for severe weather alerts, click here

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severe weather jan 12 2023
Photo courtesy US National Weather Service Peachtree City Georgia.