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Adlen Robinson: Book lovers are kindred spirits
Adlen Robinson

I have been a lover of books (AKA a bibliophile) ever since I was a young girl—probably even a baby and toddler. I was lucky to live in a home where reading was both encouraged and supported on all levels.

My mother took me to the library whenever I asked, and even checked out books for me with her library card, since the limit was just three books per library card! I also loved going to book stores—there were several that were those cozy types with books piled in every corner. I loved gathering a pile of books, finding a corner on the floor, and reading to my heart’s content. Although it was never in the budget, my mom always gave in and let me purchase a few books. Thus, the beginning of creating and adding to my personal library began at a young age.

In college, I discovered a bookstore in Buckhead (I wish I could remember its name), that was amazing. They served coffee and a variety of desserts—believe it or not, that was a novel concept at the time. I ordered a coffee, a dark chocolate cream cheese brownie, and settle down with a pile of books. Sometimes I was there for hours.

Of course, when Barnes and Noble bookstores rose in popularity, I was a regular shopper. All of our children have lots of memories of weekly visits to both Barnes and Noble as well as sometimes twice weekly visits to one of our awesome libraries in the county. Guess what? Even though our four children are grown and out of the nest (three are married), I still love going to the library, at least once a week. I love seeing young children there—enjoying books and not looking at a screen.

Speaking of screens, while I have read a few books on my iPad, I much prefer holding an actual book. In my mind, it is just not the same when you read a book on a screen as opposed to holding the book in your hands. Do you remember going to a friend’s house and perusing their bookshelves to see what sorts of books they had? I always found it so interesting to see what different genres people enjoyed.

When I was growing up, my dad always had a book “going.” After he finished reading the daily newspaper, he read whatever book he was reading. Most were historical in nature—whether they were historical fiction, or straight up history, I am sure that is where I got my love of history from. I was only about ----years old when I picked up James Mitchener’s 1959 novel “Hawaii.” It was a big book—I still have it on my book shelf. I was a little intimidated to attempt reading such a big book. My father told me to just try it out and see. Perhaps it was his confidence in my abilities that encouraged me. I dove into the book and loved every page of it. When I was a little older, I read Mitchener’s 1967 “The Source” and it remains on my top 10 list of favorite books. It is long, but I highly recommend it if you haven’t yet read it.

Book people “get” each other. I love talking to fellow book lovers—I always find some volunteering at the book store at Sharon Springs Library, or various other spots. If you haven’t visited the cute little book store there, you should check it out. I recently found a brand new, hard back book by one of my favorite authors for $3.00. You cannot beat that! Have you read any good books lately? Email me and let me know!