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Adlen Robinson: Nursing my sweet dog back to health after scare
Adlen Robinson

When I write about pets, or even any animal, it always resonates with readers. It seems most of us are absolute animal lovers. 

I have written about all of our pets over the years — every time I do write about our pets, I love hearing from you.

 When my sweet toy poodle, Chaucer, died suddenly more than 10 years ago, so many of you wrote and emailed me to send your condolences. You also told me I should get another dog.

I searched online for a rescue, and almost immediately saw the sweet face of a tiny, four-pound Morkie (a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix) that I could not get out of my mind.

I called to enquire about this adorable puppy and within a few days we drove to McMinnville, Tenn., to meet the tiny pup. I took one look at her, and that was it. I cried years of joy as I cradled her in my arms. I had no idea what to name this tiny creature…our daughter said, “What is your favorite band?” 

I immediately thought of the Indigo Girls … a favorite since they began their career when I was in college and saw them perform in Decatur. So, with that, we welcomed Indigo into our family.

Oh how fun it was to add Indigo, who we mostly call Indie, to our brood. At the time, we still had teenagers at home, so she was also such a comic-relief-factor which we needed often. 

We tried to crate her that first night, but she cried so much, we let her sleep in our bed, which she happily still does. She loves all people — men, women and children — she is gentle with babies and has never met a stranger.

No, Indigo has not passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. But we had a pretty big scare recently. After a full-on squirrel chase, she started limping, not putting weight on one of her back legs. It didn’t seem to hurt her, and she was still getting around fine, but of course we were concerned. 

Our veterinarian said little dogs often do suffer from joint issues in their legs — he explained it was almost like how athletes often pull their ACL. Indie’s leg did get better, but then after another squirrel chase, her other back leg did the same thing.

I had an appointment to see her vet, and then we woke up that morning and she couldn’t walk at all. I was so upset and scared of what this might mean.

We went to the doctor and after a long day of X-rays and blood tests, the doctor wanted to try a course of anti-inflammatory drugs and a recommendation of as much immobility as possible. No more squirrel chasing for Indigo.

It was actually amazing that within just 24 hours how much better she was. I am so happy to report that after just a few days, she is putting some weight on both of her back legs. Halleluiah! 

Of course, this does change things — I can’t let her go out back by herself because I am terrified she will see a squirrel and take off on her little legs. We also have been carrying her up and down our stairs because I am afraid, she might slip and fall. These are small sacrifices to keep our baby healthy and mobile.

It is amazing to me how much joy all of our pets bring to us — I hope we have many more years with Indigo.

Adlen Robinson is an award winning columnist and author of “Organic Food and Kitchen Matters.” You can email her at