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Coloring books, summer camps for adults are childish
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Forsyth County News

I glanced at the magazines while waiting recently in a long line at the grocery store.

Next to the typical magazines that touted the latest celebrity break-up and what star had gained weight, I noticed an adult coloring book.

I had heard of this trend — adults coloring various pictures and patterns, but I had yet to see one. I handed it to my husband, Paul, and asked if he knew what it was.

He flipped through it, looking at the patterns and mazes and said no. I told him it was a coloring book for grownups. He said, “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.”

I am not sure it is the “dumbest” thing, but it is a rather odd trend, one of many out there.

For example, adult summer camps are apparently a thing. This is when adults can go away to a summer camp that is designed to bring them back to childhood and provide activities such as crafts, team sports and group singalongs.

Is that not bizarre? I don’t know who decided to call these outings summer camps, but using that name and prototype seems crazy.

I even read about an adult summer camp that was designed all around “unplugging” from any sort of electronic device. Hmmm.

So we are all so addicted to our smart phones, tablets and computers, we have to pay for a week away to “get away from it all.”

Another adult camp I read about was a dude ranch getaway. It sounded like a fun trip, but why did they have to call it adult summer camp? Just call it a dude ranch getaway.

Imagine asking for a week off to go to adult summer camp? That may be as bad as telling a boss or co-workers about coloring in an adult coloring book during break time.

Of course, what these trends really tell us is, as adults, we need to pursue different hobbies and explore things that interest us and keep us engaged.

Study after study tells us that having fun and staying active doing what we love keeps us younger and in better health. We are lucky to live in a community that has much to offer for pursuing a new hobby.

There are all sorts of art classes, we can learn yoga, or go hear a lecture about how to write a book.

We have a wonderful local venue to see plays and musicals. The Cumming Playhouse is charming, for those who haven’t been there.

Of course, Lake Lanier is in our backyard and there is a plethora of activities to do there.

We have lovely parks with beautiful scenic paths and the north Georgia mountains are just a short drive away.

For those who like to garden, the Forsyth County Master Gardeners is an awesome group. I have gotten to know so many of these folks over the years and they are all lovely people who are knowledgeable and helpful.

Readers all know what a big fan I am of our libraries. Our 18-year old son insiste I am the only person who still goes to a library anymore.

I assured him our libraries are bustling with people (young and old) and constantly offering interesting programs for all. For those considering a new hobby, the library is a great place to do research and then strategize how to go about it.

I have never been a fan of winter. Once the holidays are over, I long for springtime and warm weather. This is the perfect time to look into a new hobby or rekindle an old one.

I may even get out my art supplies from years ago and do some doodling. I won’t, however, be buying one of those adult coloring books, nor will I be attending an adult summer camp.

Planning a summer vacation with Paul sounds much better.


Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at