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Forsyth farm provides fresh beef and more
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Farm Fresh Beef and Produce can be reached at (404) 732-4315 or

While picking up a few items recently at Don’s Farmers Market on Peachtree Parkway, Don Hairston — one of the sweetest people you will ever meet — told me about a beef and pork supplier whose products he’s carrying.

Hairston said owner Robin Solomon and her husband, Terry, own a 100-acre farm right here in Forsyth County. What makes the farm and business, Farm Fresh Beef, so special is that the couple raises only grass-fed cows and pastured pigs. They then sell them, plus a wide range of other products, to local restaurants and the public.

I pretty much made a beeline to check out the store, where I was delighted to meet Robin and learn more about the farm and its products. She told me the third-generation farm has always been home to cattle.

“We use sustainable farming methods,” she said. “Our cows are pastured in fields and we don’t use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is truly the natural way to raise animals.”

The charming little store near Ball Ground is stocked with all sorts of goodies besides beef and pork. There are jams, jellies, honey, hydroponic lettuce and kale, fresh milk, cream, cheese, free-range chicken, freshly baked bread and dog treats.

Everything comes from local farmers and craftsmen and Robin ensures the top-notch quality of the products.

“I am all about helping other business people and creating jobs,” she said.

In light of today’s economy, I found her goals and sentiment so refreshing. Besides that, Robin wants to make a difference in people’s overall health.

“People do not know where their foowd comes from and, in most cases, don’t know what is even in it,” she said. “I am all about educating people about how to grow their own food, and also providing them with the highest quality food, whether it is organic produce or animals that have not been injected with drugs.”

She went on to say that they’re partners with several local businesses, including Don’s and Leonard’s Farmers Market, as well as a dozen restaurants.

“We hope to expand what we offer to these businesses and just to get our name out there,” she said. “We currently offer products from 14 local farmers and more than 30 other vendors.”

So the big question: How’s the food?

We first sampled the filet mignon. I don’t eat red meat often, and that’s probably my favorite cut of steak, so my standards are quite high.

Guess what? This was, hands down, the best filet I have ever eaten. All I did was sprinkle it with some salt and pepper, and then grill it to medium-rare. Well, Paul grilled it.

To serve, I added a tiny bit of Amish butter, which I also got at Robin’s store. Fabulous.

Next, we tried the rib-eye, our son’s favorite steak. He gave it a big thumbs-up, as we also did. Beefy flavor and super juicy and tender.

I made beef stroganoff with the sirloin steak we tried, and it was equally delicious.

We also tried the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and found them fantastic when marinated and grilled.

This is food you can feel good about eating and feeding your family. Plus, you’re supporting neighbors and the community.

Robin also reminded me that grass-fed beef is far superior to “regular” beef.

“It is naturally lower in fat and has much more Omega 3’s and four times the amount of vitamin E found in beef that is not grass fed, and [is] raised in this natural, humane way,” she said.

You can place orders online and then pick them up, or you can take a field trip and visit the store yourself.

I can’t wait until spring and summer when Robin gets in all of that fresh, local produce.


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