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Fresh Maine lobsters are here
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Most readers know my husband, Paul, is originally from Maine and that for special occasions we almost always have lobster on the dinner menu.

We have bought them at a grocery store, ordered online, and last year received 12 live lobsters from Paul’s great aunt Lyla.

We have tried lobsters from the West Coast, and other warm water places, but nothing rivals those from Maine.

Succulent and sweet, Maine lobsters are on our top list of favorite foods.

Recently, I was running errands over by Vickery Village and saw a group of tents. I thought it must be a craft fair until noticing a sign that read “fresh seafood.”

I quickly wheeled into the parking lot and jumped out of the car. All I can say is the Vickery Village Farmers Market rocks.

I think they should call it a specialty or even gourmet market. The vendors are nice and knowledgeable about their products. And many are the actual creators of the items they are pedaling.

When I saw the “live Maine lobsters” sign, I made a bee-line for the truck. Atlantic Express Seafood is owned by Dan Ross and his wife, Crystal.

While Dan’s younger brother, Mike, fishes for lobsters along the beautiful Maine coast, their mother Sherry Crelin and older brother Wayne help Dan and Crystal run the business. They ship freshly caught lobsters directly to customers in Georgia.

Dan even travels to Maine when he can to help his brother fish. Who can believe we have Maine lobster people here in Cumming?

Sherry told me that when Mike was in high school, he dreamed of one day owning his own boat.

“To make money, he dug clams and worked as a helper on other lobster boats until he saved enough to buy his first boat,” Sherry said. “Then he bought a 45-foot fishing vessel named Mystery.”

Sherry explained to me that the lobster fishermen in Maine are struggling since the middle men control the prices and ultimately buy the lobsters and ship them.

In fact, did you know that Canada is the biggest buyer of Maine lobsters? They are bought, kept in holding tanks and eventually sold to U.S. companies.

The key word here is “eventually.” When you go to the grocery store, do you have any idea how old those lobsters are? Chances are the store clerk doesn’t either.

That explains so much to me since I have wondered why some lobsters we have bought have been better than others.

Lobsters are also healthy, especially when you compare them to a well-marbled steak that we so often associate with a special, celebratory occasion.

If you are worried about sustainability, have no fear. Maine takes the fishing industry seriously and does an excellent job protecting the lobsters and the environment.

So the big question you may be wondering: How do these lobsters taste?

They’re fantastic, and the prices are extremely competitive with what is found in stores or online.

And there is no competing with the freshness, unless you want to fly to Maine and wait on the docks. It’s possible when you buy one of these lobsters, it could be just eight hours out of the ocean. That’s incredible.

Since Mike and a handful of other lobsterman in Stonington, Maine, fish all year long, don’t think of these lobsters as seasonal — instead, think of them as available all year.

I am excited to know our Christmas Eve dinner will be so fresh and easy to get. Please support this business and at the same time enjoy an amazing product. 


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