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Sandy Hook anniversary recalls pain, sadness
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Forsyth County News

Who can forget the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in Newtown, Conn.? And, of course, we should never forget.

Today marks the second anniversary of that horrible day when a lone gunman shot and killed his mother, and then murdered 20 children age 8 or younger, as well as six adults before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.

Like many of you, I watched the discovery of that terrible scene on television, staying glued to the screen for hours waiting to learn the tragic details.

As they emerged, I felt sick to my stomach thinking about those sweet children and how frightened all of them were during the ordeal and afterwards.

Mentally, I put myself in the place of those brave adults who did what they could to protect their students. Some lost their lives as they did so.

Later, the tales of the heroism of those who died and the teachers who survived and were able to hide and protect the children were revealed. It’s still painful to read about and comprehend.

Seeing those parents on that day two years ago was agonizing. I could only imagine their fears. Can you even think about what it was like for all involved?

We send our children to school and probably never give their safety a thought. We simply trust they will be safe. Nobody ever expects something like that to happen, certainly to your child.

Over the years, especially in the last few decades, we have seen tragedies such as Sandy Hook play out in front of our eyes.

It is hard to believe the Columbine shooting happened more than 15 years ago.

Those images are still seared into our heads. Students filing out of the school with hands on their heads. Images of the two shooters (who killed themselves after their deadly rampage) and their victims. Again, their day began just like any other.

The Sandy Hook tragedy continued to tear at our hearts as the families and friends of the victims began speaking out. It was impossible not to cry as parents and family members remembered their loved ones.

Making sense of such tragedies is difficult. Despite all of the investigations into the shooter, police were never able to find a motive. Not that information makes it any easier for the surviving families.

My heart hurts for the families. I know they think of their lost loved ones daily and the pain is probably worse on birthdays and holidays.

Please say a prayer for those families who have lost loved ones in one of these senseless tragedies.

It is so easy to get caught up with all of the fun and festive things about this time of year, yet so many people are out there hurting. And in all likelihood, they’re trying to put on a happy face so their friends and family doesn’t see their pain.


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