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Take time picking gifts for Father's Day
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Forsyth County News

Mark your calendars for Sunday.
That’s right, Father’s Day is just one week away. And if you really want to make Dad feel special, plan ahead.
Don’t just rush out and buy something that a store tells you he will love. Put some thought into it.
Good gift givers know a secret: Really think about what your recipient likes.
Does your special dad enjoy tinkering in the garage? Then you should take inventory of what sorts of tools he has and head to the local hardware store.
Remember to think outside the box. Perhaps your father could use some new shelves or storage units to help him organize his tools and hardware toys.
Does he like NASCAR? It’s not too late to look online for various memorabilia honoring his favorite driver.
Is your dad a big Atlanta Braves fan? How about tickets to a game, or tickets to the Gwinnett Braves?
My family recently went to our first Gwinnett game and had a blast. The tickets were reasonably priced, and our seats were terrific.
It’s smaller than Turner Field in Atlanta, but guess what? There was no traffic and everything was super clean.
In addition, there were more food choices and you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to eat lunch.
Is Dad a sports fan of his alma mater? My father went to the University of Kentucky and was a huge Wildcat fan his entire life.
He loved it when we would give him Wildcat memorabilia, whether it was a hat, shirt, golf towel or drink holder.
If it’s a more local school, you may find interesting items in stores around town.
Does your dad love to grill as much as my husband does? If so, consider getting him a smoker.
I bought my husband his first smoker 20 years ago and it was a big hit. Since then, he has had both regular smokers and electric ones.
Nothing makes him happier than when he spends an entire day smoking a Boston butt, brisket, ribs or a whole chicken.
Other gifts that have gone over well include various types of wood chips and chunks to be used in the smoker and all sorts of natural wood charcoal.
Also well received were tools for grilling, pre-mixed rubs and cookbooks geared toward grilling and smoking.
Perhaps your dad is an avid reader. How about a Kindle or another tablet? You could even buy him a few books. Just make sure he knows how to operate it so he will actually use it.
I have one of the old Kindles and they have really come down in price since the newer version was released.
They do take some getting used to, but I love my Kindle. It’s easy to carry and holds so many books.
I used to lug around a big bag full of books, because I’m always reading so many things at once. Now I can just tuck my Kindle in my purse (which would also qualify as a big bag) and go.
Lastly, is Dad a beer drinker? If so, check out a local liquor store that sells growlers.
No, it’s not a person who growls. A growler is a reuseable 64-ounce glass jug that you can buy to fill with draft beer.
There are numerous varieties of these beers, and after dad enjoys the one you get him, he can take the jug back and try another variety.
Whatever you decide to get the special dad in your life, make sure you tell him you love him.
Chances are the gift will be a distant second to his happiness of hearing those words.

Adlen Robinson is author of “Home Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home.” E-mail her at