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Dear football mom: What about Nike and Colin Kaepernick?
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Dear Football Mom,

We’re a multi-sports family, and we are livid with Nike’s decision to have Colin Kaepernick as their spokesman! I can’t believe he’s making money off his stupidly and single-handedly killing the NFL. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this madness besides burn every Nike item we own?

Dear Reader,                      

Well, you’re right. It was stupid, and he did kill the NFL as we knew it. There ain’t no question ’bout that. Yet, I never understood why so many pros joined in over the disrespect of our country and kneeling when they should be standing with a hand over their hearts. Are they that misled and out of touch with the fans?

My inbox has gone bonkers over this issue, so — once again — my darling football families hide the children because it won’t be pretty. This kneeling thang has crawled under my skin like a bunch of chiggers itching their way to my bones! Pass the Witch-hazel, please.

It makes me wonder if their families are still proud of them for making it to the NFL. Then again, as long as the money flows … even if it’s 10 percent lower from what it had been before fans boycotted NFL games last year. But, I guess money is money, and sadly most heads swivel toward the bucks regardless of how it’s earned.

What I’d really like to know, how did these NFL-ers spend their spring and summer breaks? Granted, free time may only be four or six weeks at most. But don’t you reckon in that time, they’d do something to contribute to their communities and further their cause? And just what the heck is their cause these days? Am I the only one who thinks any kneeling message got buried somewhere between messing in their britches and stubbing their toes?

Here’s a community idea for you, big shots: Instead of kneeling while the flag and national anthem are ceremoniously displayed before games, somebody ought to rise and teach a class to the youngins on showing respect. Enlighten our youth on things, like running from the cops is a bad idea when they yell, “stop!” Anybody ever thought of that? It’s purdy simple. Teach the kids to STOP dead in their tracks, when law enforcement hollers, “Stop!” Demonstrate respect by showing respect to our police. Maybe more kids would still be alive if only someone like yourselves took the time to teach this one principle, instead of kneeling at the office.

It’s kinda like going to Macy’s at Christmas. Stand in line to checkout, finally get in front of casher, put items on counter. Instead of totaling up your purchases and collecting money, she drops to the floor and takes a knee. Macy’s is her workplace like the field is the NFL-ers’ workplace. The clerk would be fired on the spot. First guy to drop on the field before game starts, ought to be shown the same courtesy.

Here’s an even better idea — y’all can afford it. Load up a bunch of boys and girls on a couple of buses with chaperones and head to Washington D.C. You could even stay at the Trump Hotel — I hear it’s right nice. First stop after checking in, the National Cemetery. Let them take a gander at the fields of white headstones. Clarify that each tombstone represents someone who served our country.

Explain to the kids that many soldiers came home in boxes, bodies riddled with bullets, without legs, or arms, or so badly mangled they were unrecognizable. Not only that, but each grave represents families whose lives changed because daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins were not ever coming home again to grace holiday tables and celebrate family gatherings. Children still grow up even today without mommies or daddies, all because their parents served and gave their lives for The United States of America.

If you are that brave, I suggest you get out from under the bleachers and stand like a man.

I wouldn’t begin to know what’s in this guy’s heart or the others who followed blindly. But I do see how his conduct lacks moral compass. In reality, he’s a chicken. Nike has chosen a chicken for their spokesperson. I can think of a thousand other heroes. Perhaps ad campaigns like, “What if George Washington crossed the Delaware with a crate full of Nikes for his solders?” Anything but plastering this loser’s photo far and wide.

Nike will and has suffered and the foolish company’s rational, ‘it’s just for a short period of time.’ Trust me, main street USA isn’t about to buy into such ridiculous horse manure. Not now, not ever. Watch their stocks drop like a crater.

In answering your question, don’t buy Nike or any other brands they own. Nike nailed themselves right in the tushie!

Dear Football Mom,

Our son plays peewee football on an 8-year-old team in our community. After practice the other day, he gave me a flyer/letter stating that an anonymous donor has “graciously” outfitted all teams with new Nike jerseys for next year. We do need them, but I am just not sure we should accept them given the new advertisement Nike put forth.

Dear Reader,

You aren’t the only team questioning such a pickle as to using the Nike brand. I’ve had a few more emails such as yours involving cleats.

Perhaps you or someone you know and trust is in a leadership position with your association and you could speak to them. Do a little more digging about the donation, but you never want to hurt the feelings of this generous donor.  

Any way you could find out if the jerseys came from the owner of a sporting goods store? You never know, maybe directly from the company. I’d ask if the jerseys might be exchanged for another brand. I would think that perhaps they could be without a lot of fuss.

Maybe the sporting goods store offered rock-bottom prices to the private donor as Nike products aren’t flying off shelves these days. Maybe the donor purchased them as an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Hope you find some answers. You’ll need to involve other parents and come up with a wisdom game plan together. 

As a fan of freebies, I sure do hate to turn down anything new or donated for them football fellers. Especially anything for the littles.

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