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Coaches explain the maddening Madness
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The NCAA Tournament delivers again!

Wire jobs, buzzer-beaters and long-shot upsets.

The trio of Oregon (seeded 12th), LaSalle (13th) and Florida Gulf Coast (15th!) advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Just like a trio of number one seeds, number two seeds and number three seeds.

How’d all this happen? We’ll let the coaches explain it themselves in our latest installment of "What he said and what he meant." All quotes transcribed by from the official NCAA sanctioned postgame press conferences.

And now for some coachspeak:

Keith Dambrut, Akron: "They’re too good. We couldn’t guard them. It was just a miserable experience."

Translation: We played like a 12-seed against VCU.

Randy Bennett, St. Mary’s: "We didn’t shoot the ball great."

Translation: We had the ball in our best shooter’s hands with a chance to win at the end, and he air mailed it.

Frank Haith, Missouri: "Colorado State, give them credit. They played their tails off."

Translation: They out-rebounded us, 36-18. My bigs missed a good game.

Bob McKillop, Davidson: "Give Marquette credit. They made three plays down the stretch and they earned that victory."

Translation: They made one of 12 threes all game, and then drilled three in the final minute.

Rick Byrd, Belmont: "I think this was pretty simple. Arizona just outplayed us."

Translation: We got outrebounded, 44-18, outscored in the paint, 36-18, and they shot 57 percent — 53 percent on threes! We were lucky to only lose by 17.

Travis Ford, Oklahoma State: "Give Oregon credit. They played well."

Translation: Those guys were a 12-seed?

Bob Thomason, Pacific: "It’s been real fun coming to Austin. First time I ever been to Austin."

Translation: I almost forgot that Miami beat us by 29.

Mike McConathy, Northwestern State: "Some people would say, well, coach, you got whipped pretty good."

Translation: We came in as the top-scoring team in the nation, and Florida held us to 47 points — 15 in the second half.

John Groce, Illinois: "We talk a lot about controlling the controllables."

Translation: We missed 36 of 52 shots — and won! I’m out of control!

Tim Cluess, Iona: "I want to give Ohio State credit. We ran into a bus today."

Translation: We had 19 turnovers, and missed 22 of 28 threes. You do the math.

Mark Gottfried, N.C. State: "It’s real simple. We guarded them for 20. Didn’t guard them for the first 20."

Translation: Temple scored 38 points in each half? Really?

Bruce Weber, Kansas State: "I hope our guys understood how good they were. We tried to emphasize that to them."

Translation: Kids. They all said, "Hey, we’re playing LaSalle! Party time!"

Bo Ryan, Wisconsin: "I think, for our guys, they didn’t handle the physicality in the last five to seven minutes."

Translation: Shooting 25 percent for the game didn’t help.

Lon Kruger, Oklahoma: "I thought at a critical time in the ballgame they were a little quicker to loose balls, a little tougher driving and kicking and making plays that they finished at the rim."

Translation: Geez, we looked like my old Hawks teams.

John Thompson, III, Georgetown: "You know, they outplayed us tonight. Have to give them all the credit for the outcome."

Translation: What’s the big deal? We lose to a double digit seed every year!

Rick Pitino, Louisville: "We probably can’t play any better."

Translation: Hey, we played two great games, and we did it in Rupp Arena!

Tommy Amaker, Harvard: "Disappointing for us that we didn’t play better."

Translation: We missed our first 13 shots, and 20 of our first 22. Disappointing is one word for it.

Greg Marshall, Wichita State: "I just want to thank our team, our players, our assistant coaches, managers, trainers, secretaries, administrators ..."

Translation: We beat Gonzaga! The Love Fest continues!

Jim Crews, Saint Louis: "We played a very good basketball team tonight and we didn’t play very well, so that’s not a good formula to have a successful night, and we didn’t."

Translation: Is Oregon really a 12 seed?

Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State: "Hey, Ohio State is a heck of a team. They’re playing with a great rhythm right now."

Translation: We got jobbed by the refs.

Andy Kennedy, Ole Miss: "Winning teams make winning plays."

Translation: LaSalle has great intangibles. They are tough, they are together. Frankly, that’s why they’re here.

John Giannini, LaSalle: "This team has great intangibles. They are tough, they are together. Frankly, that’s why we’re here."

Translation: Winning teams make winning plays.

Steve Fisher, San Diego State: "Florida State is a very, very good team, and they played terrific."

Translation: What? We played Florida Gulf Coast? Who are they?

Andy Enfield, Florida Gulf Coast: "We’re going to the Sweet Sixteen!"

Translation: We’re going to the Sweet Sixteen!