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Hank Sullivan: How today's political climate is the greatest movie ever
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

I’m just watching the same movie you are, friends. Maybe the difference is that I see it as just that, a movie. It has a plot, which is already written and decided, a cast of characters, a location, a set of circumstances. And each character has his or her motivations. 

We have President Trump, for example, who according to the trailer is the self-made billionaire whose pure love of country has made it impossible for him to remain in the satisfying comforts of his home high atop Trump Tower, and who, at the very last moment possible, walks away from the opulence and grandeur of a capitalist empire that took 50 years to build, compelled by circumstance to save America, the country he loves, from a final internal overthrow by the evil and diabolical globalists. 

You have the attractive and talented Trump family supporting him, the stunning wife who speaks with a mysterious accent. You have the malevolent deep state, which includes members of each major political party, in both houses of Congress, attempting to spoil his every effort. You have the entrenched bureaucracy, including the heads of law enforcement, the FBI, CIA and of course various international rogue intelligence services, all working in concert and stealth to resist the new presidents’ purposes.

You have the mainstream, mockingbird media whose job is its to impute sinister motives to the new president and report him to the public as a tyrant, an unruly dictator whose every action is unreasonable at best and reprehensible at worst. 

You have the antagonist leaders of allied countries, pretending friendship, but who actually serve globalist authoritarians whose fondest desire, and whose greatest accomplishment, would be to defeat Trump cold and have his blessed America finally succumb under their iron control.

You have the unaccountable world central bankers who issue the world’s money for globalist benefit and who control the systems necessary to channel funds into the hands of demon operatives anywhere in the world the globalist cause requires economic wherewithal. 

You have the corporatist CEOs from every major, multinational industry, who seek to operate production facilities in the very least costly corners of the globe, who run veritable slave labor camps and whose increased profitability depends on the globalists defeating Trump’s agenda of revitalizing the industrial base of his highly-paid America.

You have the low-level, however highly-compensated local elections officers whose job it is to purposely defy the election laws, while appearing merely incompetent, and while trucking in tractor trailer loads of illegal ballots already filled out with votes cast for deep state, globalist candidates.

You have the dirty local law-enforcement officials whose continued overcompensation depends on maintaining a systematic disregard of the various illegalities apparent to virtually every honest patriot outside of their local jurisdictions, who use their polished skills to gaslight the few honest press members who dare to ask questions concerning a plethora of law enforcement irregularities they seek to report.

You have the whistleblowers who imperil their lives and sacrifice everything earthly known to them, possibly including their families and loved ones, to find honest sponsors within their upward chains of command, individuals of power and ability who might hear their stories and undertake appropriate remedies to counter the institutional wrong doings these informants report.

You have the bit part-players, who come in for just a few days, weeks or months, and who are suddenly written out of the script, but who we find out in the end played an integral role in the final outcome.

You have an army of citizen journalists whose universal purpose is simply honest reporting, braving the catcalls and conspiracist labels, having finally concluded that the reporting establishment is so purposefully dishonest that as soldiers of truth they cannot help but dedicate every spare waking moment to research, analysis and reporting their thoughts and findings for any local or web-based audience who might take a few minutes to read or listen. 

And then you have the real-life professional patriots of the American military and the military intelligence services, and the earnest law enforcement community whose devotion to God, family and country instills a need in them to work to help restore America back to the people and away from the globalists.

All that sounds like the greatest movie, doesn’t it? But here’s the problem: If it were made, people would never believe it. When the authoritative accounts of the events and circumstances we live through today are finally written, the authors will take the real chance that what they inscribed won’t even be believed. It’s hard enough to make the people living through all this today believe what is happening right in front of them. Just imagine what it might be like for future generations to look back and try to appreciate what really happened today. These are days my parents would never have believed and our founders would never have conceived. 

Although our world today, at least to me, reads like the most farfetched 1950s science fiction novel, it’s all really happening, friends. Real people acting out the various parts Providence has assigned. And you and I are part of the storyline. We get to pick our own personas, write our own lines, decide which sides we support. We can remain bit players or become major actors. We decide; no one does that for us.

So how is all this going to end? Does Trump win? The globalists? Just ask yourself, which side really should win, good or evil? And which is which? Because remember, in the end only God knows for sure.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.