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Opinion: How dumb is Kemp's decision?
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

‘Tis the season for ill-advised political decisions, is it not?

You will recall, two weeks ago Brian Kemp, who is Georgia’s governor, made one of the most ill-advised political appointments since …well, since forever. I cannot remember a worse selection for a major political appointment than globalist Kelly Loeffler becoming Georgia’s next U.S. Senator.  

I’ve already told you why. But in case you missed it, regardless how Loeffler might try to paint her political leanings, she is and will always be of the swamp.  Thus, rather than representing the interests of Georgians in the U.S. Senate, unavoidably, during a crunch she will be forced to choose between the people’s interests and the interests of the Washington establishment and the financial corporations she owes allegiance. 

Loeffler and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, are members of the globalist elite. They cannot change that. And it is not their personal fortunes that make her unacceptable to become Georgia’s next Senator. It is the couple’s positions of responsibility within the globalist financial structure, to which both owe loyalties. One cannot serve two masters. Even after resigning from her professional responsibilities, sooner or later Loeffler will be called to vote on legislation dealing with banking and financial regulations affecting husband Sprecher’s operations as Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and CEO of a multi-national corporation that owns and controls the world’s major stock and commodity exchanges. When that occurs, Loeffler can only rightfully recuse herself, which means Georgia would lose representation on any such questions before Congress. But will she recuse?  We don’t know.  

And even if Loeffler attempts to hide her globalist purposes until after the 2020 election, saying those things that conservatives say, and voting as conservatives vote, after she is elected to the seat to which she has been appointed, the people of Georgia cannot expect her to vote against her own self-interests and the interests of her globalist life-partner situated in such a powerful and influential position.  

That is because both are ever-dependent on favorable government policy to fulfill corporate purposes and maintain the political power inherent to his position. And for Brian Kemp to think the world would not notice his appointment of a world class globalist to represent Georgia, I’m sorry, but how dumb is that? 

And then we have the U.S. House Democrats voting to impeach President Donald Trump, citing no irrefutable evidence of wrong-doing. 

Earth to House Democrats, you do not have the votes in the Senate to remove President Trump from office.  Earth to House Democrats, impeaching Trump is exactly what Trump wants you to do, and you will lose your House majority after 2020 as a result.  

And finally, earth to House Democrats, in impeaching President Trump you will hand him the perfect stage to expose Democrat and deep state corruption to the American people and the world. So, House Democrats, how dumb is that?

And then, on the heels of voting to impeach Trump, House Democrats reverse themselves and decide to approve Trump’s hallmark U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. 

And incredulously, Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempts to make the American people believe USMCA was a Democrat initiative, while the entire world knows abandoning the existing NAFTA agreement in favor of USMCA is the fulfillment of yet another major Trump campaign promise. So in the very same breath they move to impeach him, Pelosi and the Democrats hand President Trump a perfect victory on a giant issue, embarrassingly attempting to claim the victory themselves.  How dumb is that? 

And while all the above is happening, President Trump remains hard at work, dismantling the globalist financial network Loeffler, the Democrats and others are purposed to protect. Trump’s latest target is the World Trade Organization. The WTO is that body, funded by U.S. taxpayers, in charge of establishing and applying trade rules among its member nations. President Bill Clinton set the stage to usher China into the WTO, an accomplishment finally achieved under President George W. Bush. 

One purpose of the WTO is to administer rules tilted to help “developing countries.”

China is regarded as one of those developing countries, the largest in fact. And since its approved membership in the WTO, China has developed its economy into the second largest in the world, aided by favorable trade rules as decided by WTO appeals court judges.

Enter President Trump.  WTO appeals court judges are subject to term limits. And it is the authority of the U.S. president to appoint new ones.  Trump has chosen to appoint no one to replace two of three remaining judges whose terms are now complete. That leaves only one WTO appeals court judge. It takes three to hear a case.

Guess what? In doing so, with no supplemental help from anyone Trump has effectively put the WTO appeals court out of business. He is allowing the WTO to die from attrition, another victory for Trump, the American people and bilateralism, and major defeat for the floundering globalists, even with inept assistance from Brian Kemp and House Democrats.

So while the globalists and D.C. Democrats work ineptly to save their worldwide financial systems and bases of political power, President Trump is changing the world’s trading landscape, exposing their corruption and seizing their political power.

Funny how things work out sometimes. The harder Trump’s enemies work to defeat him, the more they expose themselves and defeat their own purposes. It is almost as if Trump planned it this way. If so, he could not have planned it better.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.