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Opinion: Waging America’s 2nd Civil War
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

A year and a half ago I wrote of a war mobilizing, not abroad, but right here in America. I wrote that in today’s world our enemies walk among us. 

They wage wars of misinformation and disinformation designed to foster confusion and distrust among the American people. 

I described how our enemies subtly charm us to believe as they do, attempting to soften our resolve toward denying their ultimate purposes.  

I observed that while there are many who recognize and resist the efforts of America’s internal enemies, there are just as many, unfortunately, who succumb to their covert messaging, believing the lies and misrepresentations as they would any proven axiom. And I wrote that reconciling the resulting differences among the American people would become the issue of our generation. 

Here we are, right where I said we would be, sadly.

America has become the house stringently divided I predicted. Maintaining that divide is the only way the enemy can remain viable. 

To win, or even avoid annihilation, the globalist enemy forces in Congress must outlast President Donald Trump. If they do not, they lose.  In a second term, Trump will turn the world they devoted decades creating completely on its head. And they know it.

The globalist system Trump intends to destroy has made America’s internal enemies wealthy and powerful. That is why Democrats in Congress, along with a few Republicans, have become veritable cartoon characters in their lies and mannerisms, arguing any extreme position they imagine might deny Trump his ultimate goal, which is to take the enemy’s power and return it to the American people. As a result, America is experiencing a veritable second Civil War.

Just like the first one, today’s internal struggle pits brother against brother, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor and state against state. Here in Forsyth County, that war builds between a growing leftist base of political support in its southern reaches and a long-established conservative stronghold in its central and northern areas.

So where is all this going?  Who will win?  Will America always remain divided as it is?  Will neither side prevail and political strife, bordering on anarchy, be our future?

I answered that a year and a half ago. America has been building toward a showdown, a crisis, just as it did before the first Civil War. We know that because neither side will relent.  

The globalist enemies formerly enjoying control of our American government, whose controlling elements now find themselves predominantly limited to the confines of the U.S. House of Representatives, understand they are on the brink of annihilation. If these operatives cannot remain in control of that institution beyond November 2020, and if Donald Trump holds control of the White House, they are done, perhaps for generations, perhaps forever.  

That prospect is driving them to commit acts of desperation never before contemplated in American history, including the impeachment of a president for doing nothing but his job, and thus whose future policy success, if unchecked, will result in their final downfall. These enemies to the American way of life owe their wealth, power and privilege to the system under Trump’s attack, are desperate to resist his purposes and will do anything it takes to avoid the fate naturally befalling any captured world-class criminal.

The enemies to whom I refer will never stop attacking President Trump until they have exhausted every conceivable manner of warfare and are powerless to continue. They must keep the game going simply to remain viable.  

As I write, their last hope to keep the game alive is to influence four Republican senators to vote to subpoena witnesses to testify in the sham impeachment trial otherwise concluding.  Just to keep the impeachment game going, perhaps a few more days, or weeks or even months, is the reason the House Democrats did not subpoena these same witnesses under consideration before they issued articles of impeachment. 

Just to keep the impeachment game alive a few extra days, buying time toward the November elections is the reason Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not immediately convey the impeachment articles authorized by the House Democrats over to the Senate. Pelosi knows the Democrats cannot win. All they can do is keep the game going, hoping to garner even the most meager packets of political support out of each newly-leaked fragment of false evidence to support their impeachment case. 

My, my, what an awful way to live, the Democrats in power finally experiencing the effects that a career’s-worth of lies, turned back against them, naturally bring about.

According to the schedule, today, Friday, Jan. 31, the Senate will call the roll on a vote whether to subpoena witnesses in the impeachment of President Trump. If the Senate votes for witnesses, the proceedings could last for months, each subpoena being contested in the courts by the sides at war. In the meantime, the House Democrats can talk their game. That is all the Democrats want out of subpoenaing witnesses, simply more time to keep the game alive. Be careful what you ask for.

And if somehow the Republicans can hold enough votes to quash the motion to bring in witnesses, this game is effectively over. The Democrats will have run out the string. The case against President Trump will finally be closed.

Should that happen, however, the House Democrats will likely retreat to their chamber and impeach President Trump again, starting another game. They have to. They have no other way of resisting their inevitable demise.   

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.