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Letter: Media responsibility or lack thereof

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office put on an excellent “gun safety” program at New Hope Methodist Church on Hwy. 53 on Thursday, Feb. 8. It was an excellent program of two hours covering gun safety and how to handle yourself in any “gun and shooter” emergency. Any civic group or church group looking for an excellent program for their members, contact them. The top priority for any such events is never name or give publicity to the shooter. These people are always “losers and disturbed” people, and they see such a tragic shooting event as a way to get publicity for themselves and make themselves “heroes” to the thousands of similar type people watching and reading the news coverage. This leads to “bigger and better” copycat events. 

After the recent south Florida event, the media — print, voice, TV — spent the majority of their coverage for days on the shooter. They gave him national recognition. The media had more details on the guy in 12 hours after the shooting than they had on Obama’s background in eight years.  

Every police force in America will tell you the media is one of the main contributors to such events. They will never stop, they love to get the media sales. It is amazing that the people who benefit from these tragedies are the national media, the large number of TV plaintiff ambulance chasing lawyers looking for any lawsuits they can generate by advertising 24/7 on TV, and the politically correct politicians that are looking to exploit the event for their pet causes to raise money and get re-elected. Unfortunately, the losers are all the innocent people who are killed and wounded, and the police forces who try to prevent such events. 

This country does not need more gun control, it needs more media control. Ask any policeman his opinion.

Frank Frederick