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Art center would benefit Forsyth County
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Forsyth County News

Kudos to Linda Ledbetter. You said what needs to be said. Yes, we need a building and it should be of a size to accommodate our graduating seniors and other arts and performing arts activities, classrooms, work areas and a gallery.

Since I moved here in the ’90s, I have been talking to artists, business leaders, city officials, parks and recreation staff and leaders, and anyone who would listen, that art is important to a community and has economic impact in many ways. Having Ga. 400 so near to the city would bring tourists and visitors to see our town.

I hope that the leaders of both city and county will read this and consider a meeting with a selected concerned committee to see the value of this facility.

There are many artists and artisans in our county with over 100 being members of the Sawnee Artists Association, an arts group organized in the 1970s. Its members would welcome such a meeting.

Why not put the question on the next ballot and see the response. A bond referendum, like the one we did a few years ago for our parks would be a way to finance it.

I hope other artists who read this and saw Linda’s letter, will speak to their leaders, write letters to the editor and help make this happen.


Charlotte Gardner