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Automated phone calls need to stop
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Forsyth County News

I just got back in town yesterday evening, picked up my newspaper and cringed when I saw that there will be three races in runoff.  Why you may ask? It was evident when I walked in the house and looked at my answering machine to see that there were 12 messages waiting for me since I had left town on Tuesday after voting. Every one of the messages received were from automated calls requesting me to vote for their husband, wife, friend, brother, co-worker, etc.  

It is amazing that I can request to be removed from those “pesky” telemarketers in which I received only a handful of calls within a week but can not make the same request to block lazy politicians who saturate the phone lines on a daily basis weeks prior to election day.  It would be one thing  to actually get a call from the person asking me for my vote, but I take issue to the bombardment of automated calls from their “friends” asking me to vote for somebody who does not respect our privacy.

You want my vote, then get out there in person and voice your campaign.  I am turned off by someone who  attempts to discredit their opponent by having a friend’s sister’s brother-in-law on an automated call ramble on about blah blah blah. You want my vote, then respect my privacy and spend your money on a new pair of shoes to get out pounding the pavement soliciting votes rather than the intrusive automated campaign calls throughout the day. 


Steve Herzog