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Bicyclists should pay to ride on Forsyth roads
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Forsyth County News

The top headline in Sunday’s paper (Nov. 29), “Greenway’s route to mountain altered,” was worrying about bicycles.

In earlier papers, I read about Forsyth County having to borrow money for road improvements.

I see so much money potential in all the bikes on the road. Pay a tax like me in my car. It’s not rocket surgery.

Bikes insist on riding on the roads, then pay a tax like me in my car. Forsyth County has so many parks, our roads are the worst in five counties.

So much money, let’s see how much bikes like our roads … Put money where bike is?

On my way to work or the store, I waste so much money “waiting” for bikes, when they could ride in the parks I pay for.

My car can’t drive to work on parks. Seems like I pay double for free-riding bikes.


Tired of paying for everybody,

Sharon Dover

Forsyth County



I don’t see why Forsyth County worries about parks when bikes insist on riding in middle of road.