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Chestatee school is a class act
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Forsyth County News

The annual luncheon held by Chestatee is a great event and a real compliment to the administration and teachers at the school, especially Mr. Ahrens.

Although the event itself is special, his comments about the “very close knit community atmosphere” at the school is right-on. I served a few semesters as a mentor at the school several years ago.

Although I had no student directly from Mr. Ahrens class, I did have them from students in classrooms directly next to his and across the hall from his.

When in the school at various times such as first class of the day, exchanging classes during the day, and right before and after lunch, it was obvious how all these teachers worked together to keep things organized, on schedule, and assisted one another when help was needed.

It was obvious that the teachers and the administration really cared about their jobs and their students, and I actively saw Mr. Ahrens in the middle of these efforts.

Great job by Chestatee, not just on the annual luncheon, but on every school day of the year. I am sure it is the same at most Forsyth County Schools and why they are ranked so high as a system.

Frank Frederick