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Decisions make little sense
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Forsyth County News


It appears the county government makes decisions regarding spending about as well as those august deciders in D.C., with about as much logical thought and excuses. The pay increase for the manager is one example, and another one is in regard to the increase in collection fees for garbage. 

I may have missed it, but I seem to remember when the fee notice was posted regarding the increase from $0.25 to $0.50, effective July 1, the justification was “it will encourage recycling.”

I seem to be missing something here regarding the thinking of the decision-makers. It would appear the increase would simply add to the piles of garbage along the roadways and private property. Perhaps they meant to say the increase would encourage people to divide the garbage into other material packages. 

Like I said, I may have missed that, or perhaps the writers’ missed making a complete statement. In any case, it is a bit like the White House saying the recession is over and there is no inflation. Really, just how stupid does the messiah (self-appointed) think the rest of the nation is?

Charles Roden