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Dont knock Chicago Cubs
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Forsyth County News

There have been at least two sports opinion articles in recent years, including one on May 28, (column by Denton Ashway), that were offensive to Cubs fans. I’m not sure why they are chosen for the Forsyth County News, when I believe they can concentrate on the Braves. 

The author is obviously not a Cub fan because Cub fans always have hope and believe in their team. Please leave the Chicago Cub fans alone. At least they show up for home games and fill Wrigley Field, even when they are playing poorly and not in playoff contention. Fair weather fans are not present in Chicago.

I remember when the Braves were in the playoffs and couldn’t fill the stadium. That would never happen in Chicago. As a local fan of the Cubs, I say it’s not time to “write them off.”


Linda Thompson