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Expanding MARTA is key to transportation needs
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Forsyth County News

Metro Atlanta’s regional transportation solution has a “Plan B”  that should have been “Plan A” since the regions’ growth and development was documented as rampant over a decade ago, and before another roadway infrastructure project was commissioned!

First and foremost: Atlanta is the economic engine of Georgia, so impose a 1 percent sales tax on the entire 159 County state to fund bonding the extension of MARTA north to State Hwy. 20, south to serve Clayton/Henry/Fayette, west to Douglas/Paulding/Cobb, and east to Walton/Newton/Bartow, with further extensions procured based on municipalities projected to grow to an urban population density by 2040.

This easily provides the economy of scale required to expedite implementing the transportation system needed to accommodate business and people’s commute throughout the Atlanta urbanized area.

Second: Use existing sewer easement ROW to procure semi-private (community access only) bi-ped pathways constructed of cheaply-built “crush-run” trails accessible to everything but roller skates and easily maintained with a hand rake.

We must enable people independent mobility vs. having to drive because most communities and neighborhoods today have been constructed to make people living half-mile as-the-crow-flies to church/school/shopping have to drive to get there. Doesn’t that need to change?

Finally: This “balanced solution” is not an “April Fools’ Joke.” It’s targeted directly at those three most ifluential movers ‘n shakers ‘n policymakers: Mr. (Steve) Gooch, Mr. (Mark Hamilton), and Mr. (Jack) Murphy.


Jack Gleason