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Four-step solution offered to reduce mass shootings
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Forsyth County News

After the latest mass shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College many of our elected government officials call for more gun control laws, yet most readily admit that even the most draconian laws would be ineffective at preventing another mass shooting.

The media and politicians have been slow to finally realize that the problem is not guns, but rather people with mental disorders that have guns. 

For a reason you and I do not understand, these disturbed individuals believe they are justified in randomly killing unsuspecting innocents.

Deranged individuals know that people in gun-free zones are defenseless against a gunman. Therefore, schools become prime target locations for mass murder.

There is a workable four-step solution to dramatically reduce these mass shootings that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively:

1. Allow paid staff members to voluntarily carry concealed weapons on campus providing that, first, they have a concealed carry permit and, second, they have been vetted by the school authority and, third, have received defensive firearms training.

2. Prohibit all students, vendors, contractors and visitors from bringing firearms on campus.

3. Widely and frequently publicize these two policies on campus and in the local community.

4. Remove all "gun-free zone" signs from the campus.

This solution does not require that all staff members carry weapons. It does not even require that anyone be armed at all.

It does, however, create doubt in the gunman's mind about where and how many people may be carrying a concealed weapon. He becomes uncertain whether he can be "successful" in killing a large number of people at that location.

This same solution can also be applied to churches, movie theaters, recruitment centers, business locations, military installations and sports venues.

Once this solution is implemented nationwide, we can become a "no sanctuary" country and eliminate mass shootings, just as we did with hijacking airliners to foreign countries in the 1970s.


Paul Schneider