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Help with birth much appreciated
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Forsyth County News

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 2, my wife called to tell me she was in labor. Things moved quickly and by the time I was able to arrive home she was in a good bit of pain.

We attempted to make it to the hospital, but ended up calling 911 on Bethelview Road (at the entrance to the Polo Fields).  
I thought I was going to end up delivering the baby with the help of the emergency operator, but luckily a [sheriff’s] officer arrived and shortly after a fire truck and ambulance.  The EMTs ended up delivering my son, Owen Andrew Bouchette, at the doorstep to Northside Hospital Forsyth.  Once inside, the staff there was wonderful.

We wanted to say thank you to the Forsyth County [sheriff’s officers], fire and EMT’s, as well as the staff at Northside Forsyth, who assisted in helping us deliver a healthy baby boy.  Thankfully, that is the most drama he has provided us so far!

Scott and Beth Bouchette