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Jail plan flawed, should be defeated
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Forsyth County News

I make a motion we stand behind our fellow homeowners in Wyngate subdivision and vote down the jail in November unless the county finds another place outside of town. This is one of the most stupid things the county has tried to do — build a jail next to a residential area.

I’m sorry Mr. Sheriff but I have to disagree with you that it would not affect their property value.I wouldn’t buy a house next to a jail and I bet you wouldn’t want your family home there neither.The county always talks about greenspace; sounds like a good place for a park with families and children so close by. You can’t tell me there’s not some property close to town suitable for a jail.

Hall County recently built a jail,about five miles out of Gainesville, behind an industrial park with a firing range. That should give those prisoners something to think about, hearing all those gunshots.

 The sheriff stated that the farther away from the courthouse the jail is the harder it is for security. Doesn’t he have confidence in his deputies to keep them secure — no wonder they have a morale problem.

He also stated that the county spends over a million dollars a year to house prisoners in other counties. I know gas is high but you can buy a lot of gas with that to transport them back and forth. As for the commissioners, they need to be reminded they work for us — this is our county not their playground.

As far as David Richard (who has the personality of a porcupine) why should he care, he’s leaving soon — thank goodness. Besides, they’re too busy spending our tax dollars on severance packages to find a county manager and other positions to find someone they can play like a puppet on a string. I wish my job would allow me the time to be a commissioner — I’m just a good ol’ country boy with a high school education but unlike our commissioners I am smarter than a fifth grader.

Remember let’s stand behind our fellow homeowners in November. Thanks for your time and god bless America.

Wesley Smalley