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Letter: The best way to voice your opinion on development in the county is at the polls

I am one of many people in Forsyth County who now find that rampant development of residential and commercial properties has dramatically changed the area dynamics of traffic, schools and open land. We are fast becoming like Alpharetta and that is not why we moved here. Before long, our unique county will no longer be recognizable as it was just a few years ago.

The only “say” that I have is by my vote as elections for county commissioners come up. I will no longer vote for any incumbent county commissioner or other person that has any hand in approving new development projects. I have seen the vote tallies by the commissioners on new development projects and they are all complicit in approving them, one after the other. 

If other citizens feel the same, then they should also act at the voting booth. We need commissioners who will not sell out our future quality of life here in this fine county to developers.

Charles R. Thomas