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Letter: Disappointed that Forsyth County joining Atlanta Regional Commission

As many law enforcement officers say, “nothing good ever happens at 2 a.m., at night.” A pretty good observation.

You can also say that nothing good happens in downtown Atlanta, Fulton County, DeKalb County, and Cobb County, very much of the time, 24 hours a day. Forsyth County, along with Hall and Dawson counties — and all counties north of them to the border, represent the “heart and soul” of Georgia — with low crime, good honest government, fair taxes, great quality of living environment, and plenty of hard working/tax paying individuals. 

Contrast that to the Atlanta Regional Commission, major counties listed above and you get high crime, corrupt government, political incompetence, high taxes, and a growing population of people that do not work or pay taxes and expect taxpayers to take care of them. 

As a good farmer in South Georgia would say, “you never want to mix sugar with manure as it does nothing for the manure and totally ruins the sugar.” 

Looks like the Forsyth County Commissioners have thrown the Forsyth County sugar bowl into the largest pile of manure in the entire State. The county will pay for it over the next decade. 

Frank Frederick

Gainesville, Forsyth County