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Letter: DREAM Act law needed

[The recent] landmark decision to rescind DACA will have important and expensive repercussions for America. For instance, removing the 800,000 Dreamers from the workforce will cost $433.4 billion in GDP loss over a decade. It will cost employers $3.4 billion in unnecessary turnover costs. Contributions to Medicare and Social Security will be cut by $24.6 billion over a decade.

Dreamers significantly contribute to our economy.  In fact, 6 percent of DACA recipients have already launched businesses that employ American citizens; and almost 55 percent of DACA recipients have purchased a vehicle and more than one in 10 have purchased their first home.

DACA recipients are hard-working members of our communities who came to this country as children. Everyone in the program has passed an extensive background check, paid a fee, and is a student or service member, or has a job.

 Rescinding DACA without a legislative solution would be a devastating blow to our nation’s economy and nearly 800,000 Dreamers who live, study and work here.

I encourage our legislators to make the DREAM Act law as soon as possible. It is cruel and unusual punishment to pull the floor out from under an entire population that has earned a place in our society.

Anita Tucker